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Is a marriage legal In New Jersey without a license?


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You must obtain a marriage license to get legally married. You can read more about marriage licenses in New Jersey at the link provided below.

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No. You need the license to be legal without it you just have a nice ceremony.

No. A marriage license is required to be legally married in the state of Utah. A few churches will perform a ceremony without a license, but it does not count as a valid legal marriage.

yes you can but the marriage will not be legal by state law without the marriage license. However this varies between states, like Nevada.

Without a license, it is not recognized as a legal marriage. It may allow one to become eligible for a common law marriage.

No. A marriage license is a legal contract.

NO, all weddings require a legal marriage license from the state.

If a license was obtained and a marriage performed according to the laws of the state then it is legal.

You must have a license to make it legal. A few places recognize a common-law-marriage, but that takes years to establish.

Yes. A certificate of marriage, regardless of where it was issued, is sufficient proof of legal change of name for a New Jersey driver's license. The gender of your spouse is irrelevant.

It would not be considered a legal marriage at that point. A license needs to be executed and a certificate issued.

Yes, you need a license for a legal same-sex marriage, just as you need a license for a legal marriage between a man and a woman.

In many states it is illegal to conduct a marriage ceremony without a valid license. Without the license the marriage is not official. *If the couple wishing to marry reside in a state that allows common law marriage, a license is not required, nor is a formal service as long as they adhere to the established legal procedures required for the recognition of such a union.

No a license has no legal standing. However, a legal marriage in Mexico is binding in the US, a certificate of marriage is needed.

More to the point is that the marriage is not valid without a valid civil marriage license issued by the local town, city or county clerk and unless the marriage is solemnized by an official sanctioned by the state to solemnize marriages.A marriage ceremony in the United States without a marriage license doesn't accomplish anything. The couple would noit be legally married.

To the best of my knowledge there is no place that would allow it. Marriage has legal ramifications and as such is carefully recorded.

As a general rule...the term is "unmarried." However, if you live as married without intent to deceive or defraud, legal doctrine provides you may be considered de facto married. Some states (such as Colorado) allow common law marriage, which is essentially a marriage without a license. Although California, by way of example, does not recognize common law marriage, it does recognize de facto marriage.

The license must be issued by the county where the ceremony is to take place. A legal marriage in Mexico is valid in the US.

If the license was not executed, the marriage was not completed. No certificate of marriage was issued.

The marriage would not be legal. You would have had to lie on the application for a license or forged the permission slips. It could be annulled.

Sure. If she was a legal notary and your license was filed with the state.

Citizenship does not affect marriage. If the license application was filled out truthfully, it is a legal marriage.

Legally the states require you have a license. There are a few states that recognize common law marriages.

This has already happened. Same-sex marriage became legal in New Jersey on October 21, 2013.

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