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Merging traffic is a yellow diamond, which is a warning sign.

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2015-09-09 23:12:32
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What happens if you have right of way at a four way intersection and you are hit by another car

When entering a bicycle lane to make a right turn within how many feet must you enter the lane before making the turn

Maximum speed limit in California

The speed limit in a business district is

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Q: Is a merging trafic sign a regulatory warning sign or a guide sign?
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What can be considered a category of traffic sign?

Regulatory,Warning and guide

What do the eight shapes and colors of traffic signs mean?

A. Shapes B. Colors Octagon: stop Red: stop, yield, or prohibited Triangle: yield Yellow: warning Vertical rectangle: regulatory White: regulatory Pentagon: school Orange: construction or detour Round: railroad crossing Black: regulatory Pennant: no passing Green: guide Diamond: warning Blue: motorist service Horizontal rectangle: guide Brown: public recreation or cultural interest

Is a merging traffic sign an example of a guide sign?


What signs with white text on green background are?

regulatory signs

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Can a turning lane be used as a merging lane?

According to the Michigan "Everything A driver needs to know" guide. No.

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The word is buoy.

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Egyptians were the people who invented lighthouses. Lighthouses guide sailors as navigators and as warning systems

Why do we need lighthouses?

Lighthouses guide ships to a port or harbour. Other times they guide ships away from a hazard. Sometimes they do both.

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