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well the mini bike sounds good but you have to narrow down to what you like more, i.e do you like speed or style i mean a tacomter and a speedomters is pretty good but 85kms is pretty fast on a mini bike electric start is good as well, but like i said speed or style, my personal choice would be a 125cc because much easier to ride, jump and stuff like that and alot faster but then you have a mini bike stylish, pretty fast, harder to jump etc.. but you have to also think a mini bike will heat up quicker and probably wont last as long. it's good to have something small but its just as good to have something big its really up to you it's a pretty hard choice but i'd take the 125cc! and also think about the year models then the condition, what runs better all that kind of stuff! cya

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Sarah the cheetah She did 100m in 6.13 seconds That is about 58.6 kph But in all the books it says the cheetahs top speed is about 105kph How do they measure the speed of cheetahs?

Check the related link - the attached website tells kids how they can measure the speed of a Cheetah.

How do you convert meters into kilomters?

Divide by 1000.

What is the land area of France in square kilomters?


How many meters in kilomters?

1000 m = 1km

How many miles is equal to 13 kilomters?


How many kilomters is 26.2 miles?

42.1648128 km

If you jog 6.46 kilomters how many meters do you have?

You have jogged 6460 meters.

How many kilomters equal 35000feet?

35,000 feet is 10.67 kilometers.

How many kilomters is equal to 3 miles?

3 miles = 4.828032 kilometers

Does 107 meters equal 107 kilomters?

No. Metres and kilometres are not equivalent units.

What is the speed of wave of primary waves?

the speed of a primary wave is about 100 kilomters

How many miles is a crater with 93 kilometers?

93 kilomters = 57.79 miles (rounded)

The statement that the motion of a hurricane is 20 kilomters per hour in a easterly direction is a description of the hurricanes?


How many miles is 30 kilomters?

1 mile = 1.61 km. 30 km. = 18.64 miles.

What is 35 kilomters per hour?

35 'kilometers per hour' is 21.75 miles per hour.

How do you turn back the kilomters on a 2000 civicto match the new engine you got for it?

You dont, that happens to be highly illegal.

What is bigger 10 km or 10 miles?

as 1 mile equals 1.6 kilomters 10 miles =16 km. So 10 miles is furthest

How many miles per gallon is 14 liters per 100 kilomters?

In US gallons, 14L/km equates to 16.801 mpg. In UK gallons it is equal to 20.177 mpg.

Where is Colorado Springs located?

Colorado Springs is located 65 miles (105 kilomters) south of Colorado's capital city Denver. Coordinates for Colorado Springs are 38° 51′ 48″ N, 104° 47′ 31″ W

What is an electric bill?

electric bill is a electric consumtion

What are the things that found in the kitchen and their uses?

electric blenders, can openers, electric iron, electric toaster, electric fans and electric kettles.

Relationship between electric field and electric force?

The electric field is where the electric force occurs.

What is bought from an electric company?

Electric power

Which home appliance consume more electricity?

Electric Base Boards Electric Water Heaters Electric Clothes Dryers Electric Freezer Electric Stoves Electric Refrigerator Exc...

How is an electric current different from an electric circuit?

An electric current goes through an electric circuit, if it is closed.