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Is a motorcycle belt drive smoother than a shaft drive?


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Ok the shaft drive is smoother as long as the shaft and bearings are maintained properly the belt drive will be close to the same smoothness but will have a slight vibration due to the design of the pulley teeth or cog and the belt tooth contact area. and the belt needs adjustments more often. hope that helps


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You will need to change the gearbox, swing arm, back wheel and, probably, brake arrangement and shocks.

the belt is to big for the drive-pulluy

Belt drive is quieter, but can be damaged by stones caught between belt and sprocket.

NO. You would need a whole new rear swing arm, suspension, gearbox, etc,etc.

It is an intermediate shaft between the powered and driven shafts in a belt drive

It's possible, but would require a lot of changes. Radical modifications like that are rarely worth the effort.In terms of money it'd probably be better to sell your current bike and buy a shaft drive one instead.

The belt is loose and needs adjusting, or it is worn out and needs replacing.

An advantage of a flat belt drive would be a smoother, quieter operation. A disadvantage to a flat belt drive would be slippage since flat belts are designed to cover a longer distance between pulleys.

Shaft, belt or chain & sprocket

"Shaft effect" is the drop in the back of a shaft drive motorcycle under acceleration, they also pop up when you stop accelerating which can cause a loss of control in a corner That is why some sport bikes don't use them. BMW paralever-frame motorcycles use a shaft drive; the paralever shaft drive design reduces or eliminates this effect.The shaft effect must be understood to increase control in cornering. By increasing the throttle in a right-hand turn and decreasing the throttle in a left-hand turn shaft effect can work for the rider to increase control. It's all in understanding the limitations of your machine.AnswerThe shaft drive is heavier than the belt drive, has more frictional losses and id more expensive to repair. The belt is more prone to damage from road debris than shaft or even chain. It is also critical that the belt is taught at all positions of the swingarm, something chain is much less sensitive to and shaft does not have. The shaft is more durable and requires little or no maintenance. All run quietly and smoothly when in proper working order, with belt and shaft having a slight advantage over chain.. AnswerThe main disadvantages of shaft drive are weight, cost and a certain loss of horsepower due to friction. They are costly to repair, but that will hardly ever be necessary. The main advantages are smoothness, absence of oil spill, ease of maintenance and reliability. A shaft drive will normally never require a roadside repair, and an oil change each time you change rear wheel will normally be all you need to do about it. Hence, shaft drive is preferable for touring. A more sporting motorcycle will normally have chain drive due to the low weight and ability to easily change transmission ratios by using different size sprockets and partly because of looks. Chain drive is obligatory in most forms of racing. But chains may break and they need frequent attention, maintenance (lubrication) and adjustment. HistoryBMW introduced shaft drive in motorcycles in 1923. This was in response to the fact that at the time, drive belts were made of flaps of leather riveted together. Compared to the level of maintenance required by leather drive belts, a shaft drive seemed to be the final solution. With the advent of chain drive, the low maintenance advantage of shaft drive diminished slightly, but not altogether. Shaft drives may require maintenance between 40,000 and 150,000 miles. Compared with a 8,000-12,000 replacement schedule for chain drives, it is evident that shaft drive still holds a maintenance advantage.Chain/belt drive DOES have an advantage over shaft drive, however. A shaft drive has a mechanical efficiency of around 80%. This means only 80% of the input power is transferred to the rear wheel. The efficiency of a chain/belt is mid 90%. The chain loses efficiency only due to friction internal to the chain and can be helped somewhat by frequent lubrication of the chain, but this increases maintenance effort and time.

All Harley-Davidson Road King models are belt driven.

yep it will just shake alot.......................................

Belt Chain Drive Shaft ( Employs bevel gears ) Gear drive

The first Harley belt drive was on the original motorcycle built in 1903. But it was a flat leather belt driving a pulley bolted to the rear wheel. The first modern toothed rubber drive belt was on the 1980 Harley's.

what model and which belt? If it is a 1000 series you have a transmission drive belt and a deck belt. I you have a 2000 series or higher or a cub cadet with an IH logo then you only have one belt the deck belt and no drive belt you have a drive shaft. So the model of the tractor and what belt needs to be given before the correct answer can be given.Phil

No, but have you ever seen a motorcycle that used a drive belt rather than a chain. Well the belt look just like your timing belt.

Shaft drive requires practically no maintenance (change hypoid oil every 5k or so) and is all but indestructible. Handling is generally not as good due to heavier components and unsprung weight. Belt drive sometimes requires adjustment (Buells are fixed) and belts generally run 150.00 to 200.00 depending on brand when replacement time comes around. Most belts are good for 30k or better. Overall shafties are cheaper (by a lot) but you pay the price in handling. There are exceptions such as Moto Guzzi, BMW but these again are exceptions. Me... I'll take a belt any day.

yes the v star is just as strong as many other bikes it can pull a trailor the drive shaft is stronger than any belt or drive chain the shaft is the only way to go hassle free.

following are the various important factors upon which the selection pf a belt drive depends 1 speed of the driving &driven shaft. 2 speed reduction ratio 3 power to be transmmited 4 central distance between the shaft 5 positive drive requirement 6 shaft layout 7 space available 8 service condition

Belt drive is smoother and lasts much longer. Chain is better for very high torque and big swing arm movement applications, but replacement through chain stretch and sprocket wear a regular unwelcome expense

Advantages of chains over flat belt drive Smoother operation Quieter running No mess left on the rear wheel, like a chain leaves Very low maintance it last longer than belts.

It turns the balance shaft. The balance shaft helps reduce vibration in the motor. It is usually driven by a belt that is connected from the balance shaft to the crank shaft and a tention adjusting wheel used to apply tension to the belt. Hope this helps, Dirk.

No such thing as a primary shaft inside of the transmission. There is a mainshaft and a countershaft. Are you meaning the Mainshaft which the the drive belt pulley mounts to?

Not an easy task. Never had to remove steering rods and break shaft set up to install a drive belt on a mower before.

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