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Is a mushroom an animal or plant?


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A mushroom is a Fungi. n. pl. fun·gi (fŭn'jī, fŭng'gī) or fun·gus·es

Any of numerous eukaryotic organisms of the kingdom Fungi, which lack chlorophyll and vascular tissue and range in form from a single cell to a body mass of branched filamentous hyphae that often produce specialized fruiting bodies. The kingdom includes the yeasts, molds, smuts, and mushrooms.

[[User:Harleydude111|Harleydude111]] 20:25, 4 Sep 2008 (UTC)[[User:Harleydude111|Harleydude111]] 20:25, 4 Sep 2008 (UTC)[[User:Harleydude111|Harleydude111]] 20:25, 4 Sep 2008 (UTC) A mushroom cannot be simply classified as either an animal or a plant. It is obviously not an animal as it does not eat either animals or plants, which is a rather simplistic way to classify animals. It is not, theoretically, a plant because it does not contain chlorophyll and cannot make its own food, which is one of the methods by which a plant is classified as a plant. Mushrooms actually absorb food and nutrients from decaying matter around them. If you look at, you will find arguments for classifying a mushroom as both animal and plant.


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No. Fungi are a species of plant life. A mushroom is a fungus, and certainly not an animal.

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No, mushroom is a type of fungus.

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mushroom muncher is an animal

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