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A mutual insurance company is a corporation owned by its policyholders who may receive dividends if the insurer's operations are profitable.

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Q: Is a mutual insurance company Not-for-profit?
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When was Upland Mutual Insurance Company created?

Upland Mutual Insurance Company was created in 1892.

When was Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company created?

Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company was created in 1838.

What is the population of Federated Mutual Insurance Company?

Federated Mutual Insurance Company's population is 2,600.

When was Federated Mutual Insurance Company created?

Federated Mutual Insurance Company was created in 1904.

What state was Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company incorporated?

The parent company is Nationwide Mutual Insurance, an Ohio domiciled mutual insurance co.

Who owns Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company?

Nationwide Mutual is, as the name suggests, a mutual insurance company. This is in contrast to a "stock" insurance company. As such, the "owners" of this Nationwide entity are the policyholders. A stock insurance company is owned by shareholders, who do not have to policyholders of the company.

What is a mutual life insurance company?

tennesee mutual

Where is it possible to get mutual life insurance?

Mutual Life Insurance can be bought at many insurance places. Mutual insurance can be purchased with Mutual of Omaha, Liberty Insurance, Navy Mutual and Northwestern Mutual. Mutual insurance means that the insurance company is owned sole by policyholders.

Who took over Praetorian Mutual Life Insurance Company?

State Mutual Insurance Company out of Rome, Ga

When was Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company created?

Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company was created in 1845.

When was Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company created?

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company was created in 1851.

What services does a mutual insurance company perform?

A mutual insurance company offers similar services to other insurance companies, like home, auto, and life insurances. The differences is that a mutual insurance company is entirely owned by its policyholders.

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