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A negative slope, called 'a negative gradient' by the intelligent, on a Velocity-Time Graph shows the deceleration of the object. This negative gradient is the positive deceleration and the negative acceleration.

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Can instantaneous velocity be negative?

Yes. It can be negative. With regards to 1 dimensional motion, if it is negative it indicates that the object at that particular instant in time is moving towards smaller values of x.

Is a negative slope on the velocity vs time graph indicates that the object is not moving?

No. A negative slope means that the object is slowing down. If the object were not moving, then its velocity would be zero. The graph would be a straight horizontal line that just lays there on the time axis.

How can you calculate the velocity and acceleration of falling objects?

Acceleration:Always the same, doesn't need to be calculated. Acceleration of gravity = 9.8 meters (32.2 ft) per second2Acceleration of gravity is negative (points down).Velocity:(Initial velocity) + [ (acceleration) x (time) ]Positive velocity = moving upNegative velocity = moving down

What does two objects moving at the same velocity must have?

Two objects moving at the same velocity are moving at the same speed and in the same direction. If you're sitting on either of them, the other one appears to be motionless.

How do you find the initial velocity?

initial velocity is the speed or the velocity at which vechicle or any other objects starts moving.....

Does velocity only describes the direction in which an objects moving?

No. Velocity is a vector that describes both the direction in which an object is moving and its speed in that direction.

When a body is moving with negative acceleration how would it effect velocity?

Negative acceleration means the moving body is slowing down.

Can an object have an increasing positive position and a negative velocity?

No. Velocity is the change in position over time. So if the velocity is negative, then the change in position must be negative - unless time is moving backwards.

What do baoanced forces do to moving objects?

When all forces are balanced, the object can either be moving at a constant velocity or be at rest. But because you asked for balanced forces on a moving object, it is moving at a constant velocity.

Two objects with the same velocity must be moving in the same what?

They would be traveling at the same speed. Two objects moving with the same velocity must be moving in the same direction and at the same speed. The reason for this is because velocity is speed in a specified direction. Another way to say that is to say that velocity is speed with a direction vector. It is a physical quantity with magnitude and direction. Two objects moving with the same speed could be moving toward a head-on collision. Or they could be moving along convergent, divergent or skewed paths. Not so with two objects that have identical velocities. They are moving on the same or on parallel courses, and they are moving at the same speed.

Is it possible for two moving objects to be at rest with respect to each other?

Yes. Consider both the objects to be moving with the same velocity in the same direction. Then, the velocity of one of the objects with respect to the other is zero and vice versa, i.e., relative velocity is zero. If the relative velocity is zero,i.e., one object appears to have zero velocity (no velocity) with respect to the other, then they are considered to be at rest with respect to each other.

A property of a moving object resulting from its mass and velocity is what?

The property you are looking for is the objects momentum. Momentum = Mass * Velocity.

Can the velocity of an object be positive and acceleration negative?

Yes. An object slowing down but still moving in a positive direction has a positive velocity but a negative acceleration.

Why can velocity be negative?

Because before you start working on it, you define which direction you're goingto call positive. Then, whenever you find anything moving in that direction,you call the velocity positive, and if you find something moving in the oppositedirection, you call that negative velocity.

What indicates that forces on an object are balanced?

It is stationary or moving at a constant velocity (not necessarily a constant speed).

A property of moving objects that depends on mass and velocity?

Linear momentum and kinetic energy are both functions of mass and velocity.

What force keeps objects moving in a circle?

The force that keeps objects moving in a circle is known as the centripetal force, which acts towards the center. The velocity of the object moving in a circle will be tangential to the circle.

What are two ways in which an object can have constant velocity uniform motion?

Objects moving in uniform circular motion will have a constant speed, and two objects with the same acceleration have a constant velocity.

How did Edwin hubble reach his conclusion that the universe is expanding?

Hubble analysed the spectra that are emitted by various astronomical objects (stars and galaxies, etc.) and found that the more distant these objects are, the more these spectra were red shifted. A red shift is caused by the Doppler effect, and it indicates that a source of radiation is moving away from us, and the greater the red shift, the faster the velocity with which it is moving away. So if everything is moving away from us, and moving faster the farther away it is, that indicates an expanding universe.

Why can velocity be negative or positive?

Yes, "velocity" is a vector so it not only has magnitude but also direction. By convention, an object moving from left-to-right or upward is moving in a positive direction while an object moving right-to-left or downward is moving in a negative direction. "Speed" is a related term but it is a scalar. As such, it has only magnitude. A speed cannot be negative.

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