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Any kind of lift is a defensive shot in Badminton as it gives your opponents the opportunity to play a smash or other attacking shot.

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The drive in badminton is an attacking shot that is normally played from the sides of the court. when the shuttle has fallen too low for it to be returned with a smash. The shuttle will be between the shoulder and knee level.

Whne you are playing a shot in badminton, each shot has its own points... A forehand is 3

A forehand shot in badminton is where the shuttlecock is hit forward with the racquet without crossing the upper body as in a backhand shot.

you will need a smash shot in badminton so that he can't hit it coz' it is powerful

Many shots are effective, but the smash (fast downward shot) is like the spike in volleyball. However, with proper strategy in the proper situation anything as light as a drop shot can be just as (if not more) effective.

you can either do a dropshot ideal when opponent at back of court or pitch do a smash so send it flying i.e. hit is as hard as u can or just a lift shot when you do under arm shot

No because all you are doing is letting go of a shuttlecock ad hitting it with a badminton bat

"controlled smash" shot

They made a deffensive line waitng for confedrates to attack.That so they shot and stabbed ther enemies .

This is a shot that results when the base of the shuttle is hit by the frame of the racket. Once illegal, this shot has become acceptable since it was deemed so by the International Badminton Federation in 1963.

Basic shots in Badminton are: High Serve, Low Serve, Overhead Clear, Underarm Clear, Net shot, Smash, Drop Shot

clear, drop shot, net shot, smash

smash shot, drop shot, over head clear

a net shot is when you spunk all over the net into the opponents eyes

shuttlecock Poona net-shot

Backhand shots in tennis and badminton are very similar. What you do to play a backhand shot is to bring the hand holding the racket across your body and play at the ball/shuttle from there.

It's basically the same thiing as serving in badminton, when one who takes the first shot , is called the service .........

It's a hard-hit overhead shot that forces the shuttle sharply downward.

A shot in which the hand flexes at the wrist, similar to how a person throws a ball.

Agility is important in badminton because when you fail a shot you have to pick the shuttlecock back up off the floor.

"The overhead clear shot is the primary return for a deep serve or deep clear from your opponent" Read more: How to Hit an Overhead Clear Shot in Badminton | Basically a shot that has to be hit over one's head

you cannot hit the net otherwise you get shot by a snipper

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