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Sorry, there are no such plans for this released by Nintendo.

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Q: Is a new Pokemon game for DS coming out that allows you to make new Pokemon?
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Can Ditto evolve?

No Ditto cannot evolve unless they make a Pokemon game which allows it to evolve

How do you make a legal Pokemon game?

Only Nintendo,Game freak and everyone else who make Pokemon can make legal Pokemon games

Is there a DS action replay cheat- Pokemon creator for Pokemon pearl-diamond-platinum that allows you to make your own Pokemon that doesn't exist?

No, there isn't. You'll need to make your own Pokemon hack and input the Pokemon you have created into the game. It's not possible with just an Action Replay code.

When are they going to make the next Pokemon game?

They are making 2 new games, coming out sometime in 2010 They are Pokemon Heart Gold And Pokemon Soul Silver for more info go to http:/

What make a Pokemon fan happy?

Buy him a pokemon game

Is there an AR code that allows you to make one Pokemon at a time shiny?


How do you make the characters in Pokemon Emerald nude?

By getting an Editor for Pokemon Emerald that allows you to modify the sprites...

Can you migrate a glitch Pokemon to diamond or pearl?

no but you can glich a pokemon in the gba pokemon game then migrate that pokemon and it wil make the game frezz

How can you make a Pokemon Online game?

Go to a video game making school to make a Pokemon video game or fiddle around with wires and computer chips

How do you make a Pokemon in a game?

You can't make a Pokémon in a console game.

Is there going to be a new pokemon game for 3ds this year and if so will it be a remake of ruby and sapphire or will it be pokemon grey or will it be a completely new game?

don't count on it to be a new game or grey version, there were no announcements about a new pokemon game, right now another pokemon crossover game is coming out. the maker of pokemon black and white said there will be no grey version on an interview with him and its too soon to make a new game, black and white are still new. i think and hope it could be a remake of ruby and sapphire and again nothing was announced.

How do you get 3 starters in Pokemon Emerald?

You'll need 2 game cards and 2 DS's. Make one game with the Pokemon you want, then on the other make another game with a different Pokemon. Trade the 2nd Pokemon onto the 1st game, then delete data from the second game. Then make a 3rd game on the 2nd card and trade onto the first one. (:

What is a Digger Drill in Pokemon?

A Digger Drill allows you to make a base underground.

What website do you download Pokemon rpb maker to make your own Pokemon game?

http.// game game makers

Can someone make a Pokemon game for you please?


How can you get a starter Pokemon in Pokemon gold from an older game?

that doesnt make sense

How do you make your own Pokemon game legally?

The only way to legally produce your own Pokemon game is to get rights to the game from the Pokemon creators. If you fail to do this, you will have broken copyright laws.

Is their an action replay code that allows you to breed any Pokemon instantly in Pokemon platinum?

no but there are codes that make the daycare owner have eggs with rare Pokemon

Are they going to make a pokemon grey version?

Yes. The legendary pokemon will be Kyurem. I think it's coming out in December.

How do you appoint Pokemon as leader in Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?

You have to finish the game first. After you finished the game you would be able to make Pokemon as leader. Just visit the Pokemon you want to make leader and talk to him. Make it join your team and then click "Make Leader."

How can you make a game like Pokemon?

There are various ways that you cold try to make a game like Pokemon. For example, you could try using RPG maker.

What Pokemon make Kyuren in Pokemon white?

well, no Pokemon make Pokemon. The Pokemon kyurem is a legendary Pokemon and there are only one kyurem in the whole game, so good luck to you when you get kyurem!

Is there going to be a Pokemon game after Pokemon Black and White?

Nintendo Game Freak might be making a new Pokemon game after Pokemon Black and White and it will feature the Pokemon Kyurem. It'll be called Pokemon Grey. And also they might make a remake of the Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald game on Nintendo DS

Is there a cheat code on the action replay to make your own Pokemon?

NO!there is no other way to make your own Pokemon in the game

What game of Pokemon is thers after diamond and pearl?

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Explorers of Darkness and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Explorers of Time we're talking about games like Pokemon diamond and pearl, by the way the next Pokemon game that is coming out is Pokemon crystal with the new shaymin( shaymin sky form) and the original form of giratina( pearl form isn't it's original form, i have a pic of it from a Pokemon crystal website they are thinking of making a re-make of gold and silver the covers look awesome In Japan they talked about Pokemon opal which is the real new one coming out, but they may change the name to Pokemon onyx. Pokemon Crystal is out but its only for GBC it is a real old game, so that's why they are remaking it Pokemon opal.