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Nickel is a chemical element.

The US 5-cent coin is made of 75% copper and 25% nickel.

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Q: Is a nickel a mixture
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Is cupro-nickel a compound or a mixture?

Cupro-nickel is an alloy, a mixture.

Is a nickel homogeneous or heterogeneous pure substance or mixture?

nickel is a homogenous mixture

Is cupro-nickel a compound or an element or an homogenous mixture or a heterogeneous mixture?

Cupro-nickel is a homogeneous mixture.

Is nickel a heterogeneous mixture or a homogeneous mixture?

Nickel is an element, so it's not a mixture of either type.

Is nickel a compound or mixture?

Nickel is neither a compound nor a mixture, but a chemical element.

Which is a homogeneous mixture slicon air or nickel?


Is nickel a element a compound or a mixture?

Nickel is an element

Which is a homogenous mixture silicon gasoline or nickel?

Nickel and silicon are elements. Gasoline is a homogeneous mixture.

Is cupro-nickel a compound element or mixture?

Cupro-nickel is a mixture, of the special type called alloys.

Is nickel a mixture or an element?

Nickel is an element, number 28 on the periodic table.

Is nickel a pure substance or a mixture?

Nickel is a chemical element, and as such, it is a pure substance.

How do you separate a mixture of iron and nickel?

with a magnet

Is nickel a mixture compound or element?


Is nickel a mixture element or compound?


What is German silver?

It is mixture of copper, nickel and zinc

What is a mixture of iron chromium and nickel?

stainless steel

Is nickel sulfate an element compound or mixture?


Is nickel plated copper considered a nickel alloy?

No, because a plated metal is not a mixture of elements.

Is a nickel a mixture or pure substance?

Nickel is a chemical element; therefore, any object that contains only nickel is a pure substance.

How do tell the difference between brass and nickel?

Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc, while nickel is an element.

Is a 1969 cincuenta centavos silver?

no. It is made a nickel mixture

What is the US dime made out of?

it is made out of a mixture of copper and nickel

What is a mixture of iron carbon nickel and chromium?


What is nickel and dimes in a box mixture or pure substance?

mixture. nickel and dimes are made of different elements. If they were melted together, at a chemical scale and bonded, they would be a compound. As they are mixed together, but not bonded, they are a mixture. And dont forget the air in the box too, that adds to the mixture.

What is stainsteel made of?

staisteel is made of a mixture of iron and nickel and chromium