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Is a nickel a mixture?


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Nickel is a chemical element.

The US 5-cent coin is made of 75% copper and 25% nickel.

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Nickel is an element, so it's not a mixture of either type.

Cupro-nickel is an alloy, a mixture.

Nickel is neither a compound nor a mixture, but a chemical element.

Nickel and silicon are elements. Gasoline is a homogeneous mixture.

Cupro-nickel is a mixture, of the special type called alloys.

Nickel is an element, number 28 on the periodic table.

Nickel is a chemical element, and as such, it is a pure substance.

No, because steel is a mixture.True, but more to the point:Nickel is an element, chemical symbol Ni, chemical element Z = 28, a silvery-white metal, a ferromagnetic metal [you can make magnets with it]. All by itself. Nickel is not a mixture of anything.

No, because a plated metal is not a mixture of elements.

Nickel is a chemical element; therefore, any object that contains only nickel is a pure substance.

It is mixture of copper, nickel and zinc

Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc, while nickel is an element.

mixture. nickel and dimes are made of different elements. If they were melted together, at a chemical scale and bonded, they would be a compound. As they are mixed together, but not bonded, they are a mixture. And dont forget the air in the box too, that adds to the mixture.

it is made out of a mixture of copper and nickel

no. It is made a nickel mixture

A dime is composed of a metal mixture called an alloy, which is a homogeneous mixture. The metal alloy that makes up a dime is a mixture of copper and nickel.

NiFe is a shorthand for the mixture of nickel (Ni) and iron (Fe), usually in reference to nickel-iron batteries.

The Nickel plated jewelry can be cleaned in a vinegar solution or mixture. Steel wool can also be used to clean the nickel plated jewelry.

Yes,i have head is today in school

- Put the mixture in water- Nickel chloride is dissolved- After filtering lead remain on the filter

Actually it isn't either, nickel is an element. Look on the periodic table and you will see this, its symbol is Ni.

Some asteroids are. Most are composed of a mixture of silicate minerals. Others are a mixture of the two.

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