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Is a passport needed when flying to Canada and returning to the US?


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That would depend on your nationality. If you have US or Canadian citizenship, no, you just need some ID (such as driver's licence). For other nationalities, you may or may not need a passport. Eg, for Norh Koreans, they would need their passport :-)

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Yes, a passport is needed as 2009.

No, a passport is not needed. Vancouver and Regina are both within Canada.

No, but you should have a picture ID.

US citizens require a valid passport to travel to Canada. They do not need a visa.

No (but valid photo ID is needed if flying)

no, if you aren't leaving the country no passport is needed. It is a good idea to have one if you are travelling because it is a generally accepted form of id.

Yes. It is now (for about the last year).

A passport is needed to cross any international border.

To get accross the border to travel to Seattle from Canada, a passport would be needed. Traveling via plane to Arizona would also require a passport, since the person traveling is a Canadian citizen.

Yes. Passports are needed to legitimately cross the international border into Canada from other countries.

There are many ways to attain a Canadian passport. Some service providers like Passport Canada offer request forms for information needed to attain a passport as well as providing the option to get an "ePassport" from Canada. A fee must be paid for either which is dependent on where one is located.

Not if you fly, but it is needed to drive through Canada.

Yes, even if you fly directly from Canada into Mexico you need a passport.

A valid passportAn "enhanced" driver's licence

Passports are now mandatory for US citizens leaving/returning to the US including both Canada and Mexico as of 2009. Usually you can get your passport taken care of at the post office and it may take up to 6 weeks if you do not pay extra for the expedited service.

Since June 2009, everyone from every country arriving in Canada by air, land and sea has needed a passport or equivalent travel document. (Some exceptions apply to children's passport requirements). Besides an up-to-date passport, visitors may instead

A passport is only needed for international travel.

yes because actually you have to have picture of it and we had went to canda and me and my dad went to the airport and we both needed passport to identify who we were? so yes you need a passport for both of you ?

Some of these rules have changed recently about traveling to Canada. At one time a passport was not needed for American Citizen to enter and travel there but new laws from Homeland Security has changed that. In either case, it would be a good idea to take a passport.

yes, you do need a passport. in Canada, if you go out of the country, you need a passport. when i got my passport, i went to Blacks, and asked them about the passports. they gave me all the answers that i needed. they ill also take your picture, so its pretty easy.

Today, no. All that is neede is a raised seal birth certificate and picture ID. A passport won't be needed until 2009.

if you are talking about Niagara falls,canada you will need a passport because you are leaving the states and entering canada.If its niagara falls ,new york then you don't

absolutely, a passport is needed to enter canda..i know this becasue i visited 4 weeks ago

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