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its ur starter

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Q: Is a password or code needed in order to get power on a Lexus ES when you have a new battery and alternator but the only things that work are the brights and clock?
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95 Toyota Camry won't start but starter makes clicking sound?

Solenoid or battery *Check the alternator as well. When my Camry did that, the battery and alternator both needed replacement. -andey78

How many miles are needed to charge car battery?

Car batteries get re-charged by the alternator. If your battery recently went dead, "miles" is not what is measured to recharge the battery, "time" is used. I'd leave the car running for 15-30 minutes. Driving for this amount of time too is fine. If the battery goes dead again, probably a bad battery or bad alternator, or sometimes a bad alternator makes the battery go bad and they both need repaired. (typically a new alternator is $120 - $200)

Why are battery service lights glowing on my volv 740?

if the light get brighter when your driving then its your alternator so a new one will be needed

The alternator went bad was repaired but the battery and brake warning lights are still on What do you do The mechanic says there might be a bad cluster Could it just need resetting?

Wrong alternator or new alternator is bad. no resetting needed

How do you get password sent to you when password is needed to get new password?

password for homeland

What could cause the parking brake and battery dash lights to stay on in a 95 Nissan pu?

Either battery or alternator going bad, Advance Auto, or Auto Zone can check this for you! This happened to my truck, but my memory is not to good! More likely the alternator. yeah this happened to me on the freeway, i figured the computer needed to be reset but when the brake and battery lights go on, the alternator is going bad and you might have a half day of driving before it drains your battery

Should you disconnect your battery if you know the alternator has gone bad?

Only disconnect it when ready to replace the alternator. The primary function of the battery is to store electricity needed to start the car. Secondarily, it stores electricity for use powering the electrical items on the car when the engine is off. If the alternator is not producing sufficient power to run the engine, the battery takes over. Once the battery is drained of its power, the engine will stop. You can jump-start a car whose alternator is faulty but battery is connected, and the car may run for a short time before the battery dies. If there is no battery, the car will start but not stay running once the jump device or cables are disconnected.

Why would the battery light on a Clio 1.2l always flash even though when it was serviced there was nothing wrong with it?

on my old 1.2 clio the battery light came on as there was fault with the alternator and it needed replacing. As far as i know the battery light comes on when the battery is not charging or there is a fault with the battery.

While driving car lights dim ABS light blinks battery light blinks?

i had the same problem with my 1999 Nissan maxima and i needed a new alternator so get that checked first turn your car on and disconnect the positive on your battery, if the car shuts down your alternator is bad

How do you take the alternator out of a car?

Save the radio codes. Write them down if required. Disconnect the positive lead of the battery. Disconnect and mark or take a closeup picture of the leads on the back of the alternator. Loosen the alternator belt, note the belt routing, and draw a picture if needed. Slip belt off alternator pulley and remove mounting bolts on alternator. Lift alternator out of unit.

Well alternator charges battery can it still be bad?

A good lead/acid battery will measure about 13.2 vdc. If that is happening it seems to be good. A load test at your local battery sales point would tell you if it is bad. There are amp probes that clamp on the battery lead and will show the current flowing. If the car is starting and you are seeing a higher than 13.2 vdc at the battery (switching to 13.2 when the battery is charged) then the alternator is working and the battery is good. Clean terminals are needed.

How does a car engine get power?

In a standard gasoline engine, power is initially only needed from the battery to kick the spark plugs, after that the alternator takes over- keeping the battery level up and powering your electrical systems.

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