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Is a past ball an error?


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Yes, if the ball is pitched in a location where the catcher has a reasonable chance of stopping the ball, that is a passed ball and the error is charged to the catcher.

If the ball is pitched in a location where the catcher does NOT have a reasonable chance of stopping the ball, that is a wild pitch and the error is charged to the pitcher.

Actually, a passed ball is NOT charged as an error against the catcher. It's simply charged as a passed ball. Not terribly logical, I agree, but that's the rule.

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A passed ball is not recorded as an error.

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yes the error would go to the person closest to the ball, if any error would be "awarded"

It is an error, charged to the catcher as a passed ball, however, it does not show up in the stats as an error.

"You ran and kicked the ball" is past tense.

No - a passed ball is credited to the catcher's statistics and to the team's passed balls statistics.Not only is a passed ball not a team error, it is not considered an error at all. Passed balls and wild pitches are given their own statistical categories with no error charged on either type of play.

Yes. If there is an error on a hit ball, the at bat counts against the batter as if it was an out.

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wild pitch ...over thrown ball to a base ...under thrown ball to a base ...ball hit thur the infielder legs ...throwing to the wrong base ...infielder drops a fly ball ...balk ( not sure if that scored and error)

Caught is the past tense (for the word catch).ex. Today I catch the ball. Yesterday, I CAUGHT the ball.

Yes. For example, if the batter pops up into foul territory behind the catcher, the catcher can be scored for an error if he gets under the ball, the ball drops into his glove, but he then drops the ball. The batter gets another chance to bat, but no matter what happens later in his at-bat, the run will be unearned due to the catcher's error.

In this case were the ball was directly hit at the second baseman, it would be considered an error because if the ball is playable in your area and could have been made into an out and you deliberatly or accidentaly missed the ball and was unable to make the out, that is an error. A hit is when the ball is hit to a place in the feild were it is not easy to be played or near anyones area and you safely get on base.

This will depend on the situation. If it is a poorly thrown ball where the runner would be out on a good throw the person who threw the ball would be charged the error. This would be an instance where the 1st baseman had to jump or dive to catch the ball then apply the tag. If the throw is a good throw and basically dropped the the person catching is charged an error. If it is an instance where it is a collision at home or any other base an other then the fact the ball was dropped due to the collision then nobody would be charged an error

BHE = Ball Handling Error

No, this would not be an error it would be ruled a wild pitch or passed ball, neither of which are charged with errors

This is up to the discretion of the official scorer. If the scorer feels that one of the infielders had a clear ability to catch the ball and failed to do so, it will be ruled an error. If the ball hits a fielder's glove, it will almost definitely be ruled an error.

If it is the fielder that overthrows the ball it is an error on the fielder. If the pitcher overthrows the ball while pitching it is a wild pitch.

Yes. A dropped foul ball can be considered an error if the official scorer deems that the player should have caught the ball. The batter will not reach base in this case. However, if the batter subsequently scores a run, the run will be unearned. Notably, an error on a dropped foul ball would not disrupt a pitcher's attempt to record a perfect game.

It depends on how bad the pitcher boots the ball. An error is recorded when an out is not made within reasonable effort or talent.

By going backwards past the error then move forward correctly in w/e sittiaion

It depends; gerenerally if the ball hits the dirt first, it is a wild pitch. A Passed ball is a ball that should have been caught. There is no definitive answer as each scorer has the discretion to call it as they see fit, so while a blocked ball may be ruled a wild pitch by one, it is a passed ball by another. If the runner davances due to the catcher simply being lazy, they are likely to be charged with an error

If it was a ball that he should have been able to make a play on, then it is called an error.

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