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Is a patient usually charged full price to have an partially completed root canal finished?


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2010-05-20 20:59:57
2010-05-20 20:59:57

This can go several ways. If you have the same dentist and they just did a partial root canal (sounds odd to me) and you are going back, then you could have paid for the full root canal so check. If not, then yes, you would only pay half. Some people also don't realize that if your dentist does something wrong with a crown, root canal then he/she shouldn't double charge you. Don't pay a second time in this case!

- Because a root canal is expensive and it can't be taken back once the service is provided most offices require payment at the first visit. Many general dentists and some endodontists prefer to do root canals in 2 or sometimes even 3 appointments especially if there is too much infection present. The subsequent visits to finish the root canal should be already covered except for sometimes the permanent filling and of course the crown.


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