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about that is is between 5 1/2 inch to 6 1/2 inch witch is 13 cm - 16 1/2 cm

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โˆ™ 2011-01-24 14:38:17
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Q: Is a penis normal size being 16 centimeter?
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Do little people males have normal size penis's?

Yes, little people have the same size penis as normal size people.

Is it normal for the penis of an adult man to be one inch long when flaccid?

Yes this is normal enough. The size when flaccid varies a lot and has not connection to the size when erect. Your real penis size is when your penis is erect. Read about "Penis Size" in Related Questions below.

What is the normal size of the prostate in centimeters?

432 centimeter

When do boys get a normal size penis?

When you are about 15

Is this normal your penis is 5.25 when erect but when flaccid it is anywhere from 1 to 3?

Yes its totally normal. The erect penis is about twice the size of the placid penis.

What is normal penis size women like?

Women, as a group, don't have a "normal" or "preferred" penis size. Some women don't like penises of extreme size. Most are not concerned about size, but more about sexual pleasure.

How do you know if your penis is normal size or big?

It is 3 times the size of your thumb take your thumb and measure it then times it by 3 that should be the size of your penis

Average normal penis size for a teen in cm?


What if your 15 with a 4.5 erect penis is that normal?

Yes, that is a normal penis size for a male of any age, and it is probably average for a male of your age. The average penis size for an adult male is between 5 and 6 inches.

Is it a normal size with a 5 inch long penis at age 32?

Its about average size.

Is it normal for Chinese men to have small penis?

Chinese people have the same size penis as everyone else.

You're penis is 6 inches long And You're 12 Is this normal?

In erection, it is not abnormal. This size is in the "average" for a human being. The fact you are young does not change a lot. You know what ? you are normal.

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