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Is a pineapple a fruit or vegetable?


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Pineapple is a fruit (composite) as you eat the ripened ovary of the plant. Vegetables are considered "greens" where the leaves, stems or roots are consumed


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Neither, Bromeliaceae.

Yes goats do like pineapple as well as any kind of fruit or vegetable.

Fruit is the other category beside vegetable. e.g.. Pineapple banana cherry etc.

Pineapple, it has an acidity of '0' on the pH scale.

A pineapple is a fruit.

a pineapple is classed as a fruit

Pineapple is a fruit. It contains pineapple.

Maybe the answer you are looking for is vegetable.But, in the scientific meaning of the word, squash is a fruit. This is because the fruit of a plant is the part of the plant that holds the seeds and in this definition of the word squash is a fruit.

yes pineapple is seedless fruit.

The pineapple itself is a fruit.

No, pineapple is a fruit.

A pineapple is a fruit!

brussels sprouts Type your answer here... fresh Broccli has more vitamins and minerals than any fruit or vegetable in the world. Fresh pineapple has more vitamins and minerals than any fruit in the world.

The pineapple is the fruit of...a pineapple plant! The top of a pineapple can be removed from the fruit and rooted to produce a new plant.

A fruit is a mature ovary of a plant that contains seeds (although sometimes plants can be bred so that the fruits do not contain seeds.) The pineapple that you buy from a store is a "multiple fruit", because it is formed from the fused ovary tissues of many flowers, rather than just a single flower. It is therefore not a "true fruit" as classified by botanists, but certainly not a vegetable.

A fruit that is a vegetable a tomatto

The pineapple is the fruit.

Pineapple is a fruit. This is because pineapple has seeds in it and it is sweet. It also grows from a tree, which is typical of fruit.

No a fruit is a fruit which has seeds. A vegetable is a vegetable that we have to make into a salad or currys

A pair is a fruit, not a vegetable

An onion is a vegetable not a fruit.

An onion is a vegetable. Answer: With no doubt, onion is a vegetable, not a fruit.

Yes the word pineapple is a noun. A pineapple is a type of fruit.

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