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It depends on what you are asking.

Most likely, you are asking if it is safer to take a plane on a trip than a car. For the answer to that, the first place to start would be looking at per-mile statistics. Generally speaking, for long flights, the miles which would be driven by a car to get from A to B are significantly greater than those which are flown by the plane.

If a particular individual traveled 1,000 miles in a plan they would have a 1 : 1,400,000 chance of dying (one fatal accident per 1.4 billion miles flown).

If the same individual traveled 1,000 miles in an automobile, they would have a 1 : 63,000 chance of dying.

This means that airlines are 22 times safer (when only fatalities are involved) than automobiles, per mile flown/driven. Considering that the 1,000 mile trip in a plane will likely be more like 1,500 in the car, and that non-fatal but debilitating injuries are presumably more common in automobile accidents than in plane crashes (although plane fatalities are surprisingly low in accidents; over 95% of all people involved in airplane crashes survive!), and it is safe to say you'd be better off traveling by air.

The main caveat here, though, is that almost all of the risk of crashing in an airplane is during takeoff and landing, while automotive accidents and fatalities are much more evenly distributed throughout the trip. During takeoff, the most stress is placed on the plane structurally. During landing, the most stress is placed on the pilots and navigational equipment. A long flight will have that risk averaged out for a low risk per mile, but short "puddle jumps" concentrate the risk. As a result, while a 3,000 mile trip is a clear win for an airplane, a 100 mile puddle-jump might be riskier than driving.

Also, saving money by taking a few extra "hops" instead of a direct ticket not only costs you in terms of time sitting in the airport, but it also doubles (or triples) your crash risk.

If you are asking how many people die in airplanes each year compared to in cars, the figures are even more divergent. "In 2000, there were 41,800 traffic accident fatalities in the US compared to 878 commercial airplane fatalities that same year." (http://www.flightattendantcabincrewtraining.com/airlinecrash.htm), which means more than 47 people died in car accidents for every one who dies in airplane crashes.

If you are asking if getting on a plane is more likely to kill you than getting into a car (which generally seems like a silly question), then the answer is "yes". The particular flight is 12 times more likely than a particular automobile trip, according to http://www.airtravelsurvival.com/pages/plane-crash-statistics.htm although it is unclear just how "minor" a trip is considered in the automobile side (example, is each trip to the store a separate trip, and if traveling across the country is that one trip of 3,000 miles or one trip for each day of travel?)
Yes; there is a lower fatality rate in people travelling in airplales than cars comparitively.

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Is a plane or a car safer?

Statistically plane travel is safer.

What is safer driving a car or flying an airplane?

It is safer to ride in a plane, as there are less annual deaths per year than cars.

How safe are you on a large ship on the ocean?

In relative terms, less safer than if you are in a car, but more safer than if you are in a plane, or another but smaller boat on the ocean.

What is safer a plane or a car?

Driving a car is much more dangerous than a plane, with thousands of fatal accidents each year in the US. Plane crashes are a very rare occurrence.

Are planes scary?

research shows that it is safer to fly in a plane than drive in a car but planes crash way to often!

Car vs Airplane which one is safer?

more people have been killed in a car than a plane but that is probably because more people use cars

Is a car safer than a plain?

Statstically, flight is much safer than transportation by automobile.

Is an airplane safer than a car?

Yes. Statistically, flight is much safer than driving. Plane crashes get more news coverage because, if a jumbo jet crashes, it's a lot of fatalities in one sitting, whereas a car is typically a couple people. But there are a lot more car crashes than plane crashes. In 2012, there were 34,080 reported deaths by automobile accidents in the US. That same year, there were 475 aviation fatalities worldwide.

Are scooters safer than a cars?

no they have no protection on them so a car would be much safer.

Which is the fastest plane or car?

more oftenly ... its a plane rather than a car

Does indoor skydiving prove to be safer than outdoors?

Indoor skydiving is proven safer then actually jumping out of an airplane at 3,000 feet. It is significantly cheaper than real skydiving and it is safer without the need for a parachute or a plane.

Is air travel safer then auto?

As far as air travel being safer then travelling by car, in deaths per passenger-mile ... yes. almost any form of transportation is safer than going by car.

Is a race car faster than a jet plane?

No. When your in a race car it feels more faster But when you in a plane it feels slower because you high up in the air. Therefore a jet plane is faster than a race car

Are big cars safer than small cars?

Usually they are, because there is more material in between you and whatever hits you. also adding a roll cage to the car will help your car be more safer than usually.

How safe is traveling by train?

It is very safe. Safer than traveling by car.

How is the flying car look like?

It more like a plane than a car

is a van safer than a car to drive?

That (van safer than a car) depends on the car and the van. Small cars are definitely NOT safer. Large cars are probably safer, vans are top heavy and so are less stable in cornering. Vans also have a large surface area which high crosswinds, air from passing large trucks (18 wheelers), can push the van into possible unstable conditions.

Is a plane really fast?

yes a plane is very fast compared to a car it goes about 30 times faster than a car while the plane is taking off

Your son is afraid that the plane will crash while he is in it and you need some proof that it is not going to crash?

Your son has been watching to many shows and tell him that you will have to go in a plane everyday for 24 hours a day for 15,000 years then and if you are going a short distance tell him it will be alright.Tell your son the following facts:-Most plane crashes happen during take off and landing-Most plane crashes are caused by pilot error-Most plane crashes occur in the months of September and December.-The odds of getting killed in a plane crash are 1 in 11 million-The majority of plane crash survivors were sitting in the rear half of the plane-Car accidents kill more people each year then the total amount of people who have died in plane crashes.-Most people believe that traveling by car is safer than a plane (it's not)-Large planes are safer than smaller planes-You're more likely to die on the way to the airport than on the plane.

Is a airplanes safer than a car or truck?

Yes because there are more car crashes than airplanes crashes that and in an airplane you have more time to react

How much safer does a car alarm make your car and how much?

Overall, yes it does because it's much safer than without one. The loud noise it makes creates attention so you know that someone has broken into your car.

Is it safer to sit at the back of a plane?

offcourse because you never see a plane backing into a mountain

How is a maglev car better than a fossil fuel car?

well there safer and more fuel effeciant and have less drag and friction

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