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Is a police officer a civilian?

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Technically, yes. The actual definition of the term civilian is "any person who is not a member of the armed forces." However, the term is often used to mean someone who is not a police officer, but that is a colloquial use of the term.

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Q: Is a police officer a civilian?
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Can an army officer become a police officer how and what r requirements?

An officer in the Army can become a police officer if they meet the same requirements as anyone else. The Army officer would have to leave active duty and either move entirely into civilian life or continue in the Army Reserves or National Guard to accept a position as a civilian police officer.

What is a dod police officer?

DOD is Department of Defense. DOD Police are civilian police assigned to work on DOD installations.

What is a civilian police officer?

Although extremely uncommon, a civilian police officer is an average Joe who can "arrest" someone. For example: Someone is robbing a store and a bystander decides to subdue him/her and tell them that they are making a civilians' arrest, and will keep them there until law enforcement arrives.

Can a civilian narcotics officer follow you home and use an on duty police officers tickets book and write a citation?

I've never heard of a 'civilian narcotics officer." If you are referring to a narcotics officer who works undercover or in civilian clothing - he is STILL a police officer. Whatever action he took that necessitated the issuing of a ticket - police officers don't 'own' the ticket books they carry. A ticket book is nothing but a pad of legal forms that can be utilized by ANY sworn law enforcement officer for issuing summonses. If that describes the incident you are referring to then, yes, it was legal.

Can a Military Police officer become a police officer after service?

Of course an MP can become a civilian police officer after military service. He or she applies just as one without any police experience would apply. He or she will go through the police academy as a recruit the same way as those without experience. They will find the training easier than a raw recruit but the training is substantianaly different than the military since it addresses civilian procedures and laws.

Do you have to go through the police academy if you are in the military?

No. A military police officer goes through military basic training, then the militray equivalent of a police academy, but does not need to attend a civilian police academy.

Will tattoos disqualify you from being a Marine or a civilian police officer?

They may depending on the type, location, number and size.

Civilian in a sentence?

The officer dressed in civilian clothing. Civilian life was difficult for a retired Army officer to adjust to. The Marine was dating a civilian. The civilian did not understand military time.

When was Civilian Police International created?

Civilian Police International was created in 2003.

Can police officer in the army reserve be exempt from deploying because of their civilian job?

No. The military comes first. Civilian agencies know this, and are required to hold your job for you until you get back.

How does a police officer address a civilian in England?

most of the time it will probally be , excuse me sir , can i ask u something or can i have a word ?

How can you get background information on a police officer?

The same way you get background information on a civilian. Pay a service or a private detective to check him out.

Are military police considered law enforcement officer?

Yes. MPs are law enforcement officer for the military, just as policemen are law enforcement officers for the civilian population.

What civilian jobs did Arnold have?

american officer

Can you work for police at 16 and not as a police officer?

You may go to work for a police agency as a civilian at 18. Some departments (usually larger ones) even have a police cadet program. There are lots of jobs to do for the police like admin work or accounting or even a scientist!

What can a police officer ask you if you are a police officer?

If you are a police officer you would not need to ask. A police officer doing his duty will treat another police officer as any member of the public (if they are out of uniform and off duty).

Why do you have to become a police officer before a CSI?

Depending on the agency you choose to work for you don't necessarily have to be a sworn law officer. Many agencies use civilian technicians to pefrom those duties.

Can an off-duty police officer give you a ticket in Ontario Canada while he is in his civilian clothes and his take home car?

Yes, in some cases an off-duty police officer can give you a ticket on Ontario, Canada. However, you can fight the ticket in court.

Are DOD civilian police officers issued comission cards?

NO! the DOD do not recognized there civilian police officers as real cops I know because I'm a DOD police officer. This job is a joke and don't waste your time working with these idiot's. DOD civilian police fall under the job series 0083 from OPM and by OPM 0083's are federal cops, BUT if you work on a military base the military wont recognized you as a cop and will tell you that you cant arrest anybody.

What is an abbreviation for officer as in police officer?

For the word Officer the abbreviation is "OFC." For Police Officer, the abbreviation is "P.O."

Can you curse at a police officer?

you are allowed to curse at a police officer but you are not allowed to threaten an officer.

How do you spell police officer?

That is the correct spelling of "police officer."

What is a police officer of a small town called?

A police officer

What is a corporal police officer?

corporal police officer is the first rank of the police department.

Who can commission a civilian to be an officer in the USAF?

In an odd sense, almost every officer is a civilian before receiving a commission. Only someone elevated from the ranks and already in the service is not a civilian before commissioning.