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If you are getting bright color patches on plaster hmmm, what is happening to the equipment also? You could have a chemical imbalance in your pool. Are you actually using a test kit to determine the readings of chlorine and pH? You may have reduced the life of the pool plaster and the equipment by many years. The stain may be caused by some water treatment that you have recently added or excess muriatic acid. However, muriatic acid usually produces a copper color to black stain on plaster. Be sure that you are not mistakingly using the muriatic acid instead of chlorine. Staining of sorts can be caused by a pump that is producing more GPM than the equipment can safely handle. Best bet is to hire a service tech for a one time evaluation of the color and plaster. He will test chemical parameters and advise. The nominal service charge will be well worth his professional advice. Someone will need to visually see the problem to determine a direction.


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Q: Is a pool safe to swim in if patches of the plaster have turned bright blue?
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