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Simply put -- it is a fake.

You have what's known as a "Magician's Coin".

This is NOT something that was done at the Mint.

This was made by altering two normal coins and gluing the altered pieces back together. Use a magnifier to check just inside the rim on one side of the coin -- you are looking for the seam where the two pieces were joined -- it could be on either side of the coin.

This type of novelty item sells regularly on for a couple of dollars.

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Q: Is a recent nickel with a head on both sides a fake or a real minting error?
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What is the value of a buffalo nickel with the Indian head struck on both sides with 1935 on one side and 1936 on the other?

It's not worth much. What you have is a novelty item, not a mint error.

Have an 1912 silver florin two shilling has an error of two sides pressed with coat of arms both sides a bit confused can you help?

If the coin has a "Coat of Arms" and the words FLORIN - TWO SHILLINGS, it is probably an Australian coin. The "Coat of Arms" would be supported by a kangaroo and an emu. If your coin is a genuine minting error rather than a trick coin, you may have something of value. A reputable coin dealer will be able to give a valuation based on inspection of the coin.

What is the name of 11 sides of decagon?

The name is "ERROR". A decagon cannot have 11 sides.

How do you calculate truncation error?

The truncation error is the difference between two sides of an equation. Each side has an error value which can be compared.

What things are in groups of 5?

Fingers on a hand Pennies in a nickel Sides in a pentagon

What is the value of a Monticello nickel with no date that is double struck?

If it is a Mint error it may be worth a few dollars, take it to a coin dealer to see if it has any value.MoreIt's called a Jefferson nickel rather than a Monticello nickel. If by "double struck" you mean that Monticello is on both sides (which would account for the lack of a date) what you have is a novelty item called a magician's coin. There's more information at the question "What is a double headed nickel worth?"

How can you tell if a 2004 nickel is struck upside down?

All US coins have their reverse sides oriented 180 degrees opposite to the front. If you flip the nickel from side to side like the page of a book, the two sides should point in opposite directions. Compare the orientation with other coins in your pocket change to see how the alignment works.If your coin doesn't have the same orientation as others, you could have what's called a rotated-die error. These can be valuable depending on the extent of rotation but the coin would have to be inspected in person by a dealer or appraiser who works with error coins.

How many sides are there on a British Threepence?

The British nickel-brass Threepence minted from 1937 to 1967 has 2 sides, but it has 12 edges (dodecagonal).

How rair is a one sideed nickel?

Totally rare, i.e. it can't exist. Every nickel must have two sides, whether or not either side has anything printed on it.

What is the value of a 1979 Canadian nickel with an upside down back?

If you're comparing the coin to an American nickel, it's important to know what "upside down" means. US coins are minted with the back side rotated 180 degrees versus the front, while Canadian coins have both sides oriented the same direction. That is, if you flip the two coins side to side as if you were turning the page of a book, the back side of a US coin will be point in the opposite direction while the back side of a Canadian coin will point in the same direction. If the two sides of a 1979 Canadian nickel are pointing the same way, it's only worth 5 cents. If they're pointing in opposite directions (like a US coin) you could have what's called a rotated-die error. In that case the nickel should be inspected in person by a dealer who works with error coins.

Why would a nickel have Jefferson on both sides?

It's a trick or magic coin an has little or no value.

What is the value of an 1891 British double-sided Penny?

All coins have two sides. Most double headed (tailed) coins are trick coins available at magic shops.However, nothing is impossible. Any coin with a "genuine" minting error, such as a "double header", would have some value, above the usual, as a collectible coin.Genuine error coins are not necessarily known about or documented until somebody turns up with one, since they are an "accident" of the minting process, and have escaped detection during quality control at the mint therefore, a valuation cannot be anticipated.A reputable coin dealer should be able to identify and confirm the coin as genuine and make a valuation.

What is the value of a double sided 1951 shilling?

It's not a real coin or a minting error. It's a novelty item called a magician's coin. They sell regularly on eBay for a few dollars.Magician's coins are made by cutting two genuine coins in half, then swapping and rejoining the sides. The result is one "coin" with 2 heads and another with 2 tails.

What is the worth of a 1937 twin sided that is not an Indian head nickel go for?

If it's not a Indian head nickel, what is it? What does the coin show on both sides of it. Post new question and include any inscriptions.

What is the value of a 1977 Canadian nickel?

If you found it in change, it's worth 5 cents on both sides of the border.

A nickel pyramid paper weight has square base of sides 5cm and height of 3cm what is the mass of a dozen such paper if the mass of 1cm3 of nickel is 8.9g?

Volume of nickel pyramidal paper= 1/3 X 3 X 25 = 25cm3 Mass of nickel pyramidal paper= 12 X (25 X 8.9) = 2670g

What is on both sides of the 1803 nickel comm emorating the Louisiana purchase?

The obverse has Jefferson and the reverse shows the Peace Medal.

What is a 2001 penny that has tails on both sides but has been stamped on one side with a heads also?

You might have a flip-over double-strike which would bring several dollars from an error collector, but you should be able to see at least a trace of heads and tails on both sides. If the tails image that is on the heads side is reversed, it is possible that someone laid another coin on top of yours and hit it with a hammer. If that's what happened you just have a damaged coin. Someone familiar with minting errors would have to examine it to be sure.

If a coin is defaced during minting would this have a greater value?

It depends on what you mean by "defaced". Normally that means serious damage to the design on one or both sides. There are many different kinds of minting errors that can occur, ranging from the trivial (a filled die resulting in a missing letter or number) up to significant errors such as multiple strikes, clips, brockages, etc. Please post a new question with more details.

Is it real a nickel with Monticello on both sides?

It was originally two genuine nickels, but they were cut in half and the back sides were joined to make a novelty item called a magician's coin. They sell for a few bucks but have no numismatic value.

What is the value 10 pence coin dated 2001 with queens head on both sides?

With modern minting processes, it is just about impossible to produce a double headed coin. You most likely have a trick coin available from any magic shop.

What is the value of a double faced 25 cent coin?

What do you mean "double faced" you mean like a doubled die error? Or do you mean it has heads on both sides? If it has heads on both sides it is not a mint product but rather a "magician's coin" and is privately made and pretty much worthless. If it is a doubled die error, please provide the year and mint-mark of the coin so we can better identify if it is a known error and how much it is worth.

How much is a Nevada 2006 quarter with no sides worth?

It's not exactly clear what you mean by "no sides" If you mean that the outer nickel-colored cladding is missing, leaving the inner copper core visible, that's called a lamination error and could be worth about $10. A lamination-error coin should be quite a bit thinner and lighter than a normal quarter. If not, i.e. it's the same thickness and weight as a normal quarter, it's either been plated or exposed to a chemical that changed its color, and is only worth 25c. If I didn't interpret your question correctly, please post a new one with more details.

What is the Value of misprinted on both sides of a penny with no date?

All error coins need to be seen. Take it to a coin dealer in your area.

What is a one sided 1966-1967 dime?

You most likely have what's called a lamination error. The value of a delaminated clad dime is around $6 to $8. This error can happen when the copper-nickel cladding comes off one or both sides of a "sandwich" dime, quarter, half, or dollar. Lamination errors can also happen with non-clad coins but it occurs less often. The cladding can come off before or after the coin blank is struck with its design, and it can be difficult to determine when.