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Q: Is a redback spider a vertebrate?
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Is a northern redback salamander a vertebrate?


Are redback spiders endangered?

The Redback spider is not an endangered species. However the Katipo, which is related to the Australian Redback, is endangered.

What poisonous spiders live in Australia?

The Redback Spider...The Redback Spider is related to the venomous Black Widow Spider

What is the deadly spider in Australia similar to the Black Widow?

Redback Spider

What kind of spider has a red butt with white spots?

a redback spider

What is the Australian black widow spider?


What spider is more poisonous the Australian Redback spider or the Sydney funnel web spider?

i think the Australian redback but i am not sure u could look it up u kno don't be lazy

What eats Redback spider?

The common black house spider eats redback spiders. This probably explains why redbacks are uncommon inside the house. Both redbacks and black house spiders are shy (especially the redback). A house spider will get to recognize you if you feed it ;)

How big is a redback spider?

Only about 2cm long

Which mini beast are dangerous for humans?

redback spider

What is the Australian spider resembling black widow?


Which Australian spider resembles a black widow?


What is the scientific name for redback spider?

Markus Redpurkus

What is the most posonus spider in the east coast?

the redback?

What countre does a redback spider come from?

They are endemic to Australia

How big can a redback spider grow?

40 cm

What is a black hairy spider with an orangered spot on its back?

it is called a redback spider. they are the most deadlyest spider in the world

Is spider vertebrate?

No, a spider is an invertabrate

How does a redback spider move walk and swim?

I am so stupied

What is the redback spider's behavior when it is threatened?

m ccmcmmcmc v

How many legs does a redback spider have?

Reddback spiders have 8 legs.

Can redback spider be crossbred?

yes they can be crossbred red back spiders

Is spider a vertebrate?


Where does am redback spider come from?

Redback spiders are a unique species that exist solely in Australia. If you need more information on them there are a number of websites available on Google.

Which type of Spider has a red dot for a body and black legs but not the redback spider?