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No, it is not dangerous. A normal heart rate falls between 60-100 bpm for a normal person. Chances are you were experiencing anxiety at only 112 bpm. If you reduce your stress and anxiety and your heart rate remains over 100 bpm, that is considered abnormal, but in of itself not dangerous. A medical work up would be advised to rule out an arrhythmia. Your heart can beat 200 bpm for 24 hours before it will harm your heart.

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What kind of doctor treats anxiety?

In order to treat anxiety you usually have to see two doctors: a therapist and a psychiatrist. Though therapists are more often considered counselors, they will help you to face and over come your anxiety. A psychiatrist will prescribe anti-anxiety medication if they see fit. If you are on anti-anxiety medication you are usually required to go to therapy.

What triggers anxiety?

Traumatic or upsetting events, though people with an anxiety disorder may have anxiety attacks for no apparent reason.

How do you relief anxiety?

Everybody has a different approach to anxiety relief. Some people use relaxing methods to relieve anxiety or participate in a hobby or something that they find enjoyable. Some people, though, have chronic anxiety or anxiety caused by ridiculous things. These people have an anxiety disorder, and usually seek medicinal help or counseling.

What is the resting phase of the cell cycle?

It's interphase, though ironically, the cell is actually quite busy during this phase trying to perform its normal functions. It is called the resting phase because it is "resting" from cell division.

Is Celexa a anti anxiety drug?

Celexa is an anti depressant. SSRI which increases serotonin in brain. It CAN help with anxiety and OCD though along with depression

How dangerous is chap stick to dogs?

Chap stick is not dangerous to dogs. It CAN be though. Not alot.

Does xanax cure anxiety and panic attacks?

Mental illness - especially ADs - cannot be "cured", they can only be controlled. Xanax is used in the treatment of anxiety disorders, though.

What is the best therapy for anxiety?

It all depends on the person if medication or counseling will be the thing to help them with anxiety. Medication is really not the answer though. Medication will only treat the patient, but not cure.

Is the London dungeon dangerous?

No i wouldn't say dangerous sometimes the lights go out and there are screams though.

Can anxiety cause weight loss?

I have lost weight during times of excess anxiety. Anxiety is very difficult to live with and if you feel your anxiety is a problem for you then you should talk to your doctor. Having anxiety is a normal reaction to stress for most of us. Chronic anxiety is not normal though Yes it can cause weight loss, high blood pressure loss of appetite, insomnia and more. The flip side to anxiety for some people is depression. They're both bad for you.

What allows a shark to be found resting in the water?

death and other types of sharks only some though

What is an alternative to Seroquel for Anxiety?

This is simply not true. Many antidepressants can actually INCREASE anxiety, though your body may vary. Buspar is something worth giving a shot, as well as Benadryl. There are also the old and trusted Klonipin, Xanax, and Ativan, though those have a risk of addiction--particularly Xanax. Most antidepressants help with anxiety. Seroquel is strong stuff.

Is drawing on your skin with ballpoint pens dangerous?

Unlikely to be dangerous. Avoid writing on broken skin, though.

Even though unlit streets were dangerous?

Unlit streets are indeed dangerous places to be or walk. Even though they are dangerous some consider them peaceful or beautiful. However, it is common for danger to lurk here or for people to trip and fall.

Do doctors keep electronic health records?

Yes Doctors keep records in computers and databases. Though they keep paper files too.

Does buspirone get you high?

Buspirone is not a controlled medication. Though this drug is especially made for anxiety, it does not get a person high.

Can you play sport with swollen glands?

yes you can though not recomended by most doctors.

Is Cymbalta a narcotic and can you get addicted to it?

Consult your doctor, though some doctors believe that it is not.

Is surfing dangerous?

it can be, though it really depends.........but be careful anyway

Is nail biting dangerous?

No. Though it may create hangnails.

Does St. John's Wort produce anxiety?

St. John's Wort is useful for mild to moderate depression. Though not common, some people have said they experience anxiety. If that happens, it could be that you need to reduce the amount you are taking, and if you still experience anxiety stop taking it.

What does it mean when your chest randomly hurts?

It could be a sign of any number of things. If doctors cannot find any physical problems though, chest pain could easily be caused by stress or anxiety. Try cutting out an extra activity or two and relax a bit more. See if that helps.

How can get female breasts?

men who wants breasts can get them through surgery or by taking hormones. You have to see a doctor to take hormones though since the wrong dose and taking female hormones without doctors supervision is very dangerous and even deadly for a male.

How does smoking cause anxiety?

In general, it doesn't, it reduces it. I believe, though, that it can cause panic attacks in some teenagers. And if an addicted smoker stops, he experiences anxiety while he's going through withdrawal.

Do sharks move when resting?

Sharks die when they don't move, so even though they rest, they don't stop moving!

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