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if someone can tell who is being restrained, it would likely be held valid. For example, saying "Jon" instead of "John" will likely have little effect. Or saiyng "Laurence" instead of "Lawrence." On the other hand, saying the person's name Robert Johnson and his real name is Throckmorton P Gildersleve, its obviously meant for someone else and can be ignored. terrill corley * As noted minor misspellings of a name are irrelevant as to the validity of the court order. However, one should never ignore any order from the court regardless of the issue. If a person is wrongly named in any court order it is imperative that the matter be attended to at once to avoid future problems with the justice system.

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Q: Is a restraining order valid if the person's name is misspelled?
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Can you get a restraining order against your brother?

Yes If you have a valid reason

Is a restraining order valid if the persons gender is incorrect?

Yes, as long as all the other information on the order is correct, if a clerk checked the wrong box, that is known as a "scriveners error" and does not render the order or the intent of the order invalid.

If both parties to not get a copy of a restraining order if it a valid order?

If it can be proven that the un-served party "knew" of the restraining order, the fact that they did not receive (or avoided) service of it, is not a defense.

Is a restraining order valid if it is served at the wrong address?

Actually, restraining orders can be served anywhere, even in the wrong address, if and when you serve the proper person to whom the restraining orders applies to.

What is the longest restraining order?

I'm not sure what the longest restraining order is, but I have a restraining order against my ex that is valid through the year 2099. It was issued in Orange County, CA to my ex after my earlier restraining order of 2004 thru 2007 expired. Can anyone beat that? Oh, and I got this on my attorney was successful only at taking my money, not at protecting my rights or assets.

Can a parent put a restraining order on someone for no reason?

It may not be a "reason" to you, but I'm sure your parent has one, and if they can convince a judge that they have a valid one, he will issue it.

If you get emancipated from your mom does that mean you get emancipated from a father who does not have custody of you?

A court order of emancipation must consider all persons with a parental interest in order to be valid.

Do parents need a valid reason to request a restraining or no contact order against one of your peers?

No. Any adult requesting the court for a restraining order against an adult must show "just cause". Any parent or legal guardian requesting a restraining order in conjunction with the protection or restriction of contact pertaining to a minor only needs to file the petition in the appropriate state court. The law presumes parents have the legal power and parental right to take such action regardless of the circumstances surrounding the issue.

What is a civil restraint?

More commonly referred to as a "restraining order" or a "no-cointact order." It is an order issued by the civil court at the request of the petitioner, if they can show sufficient legal grounds to be protected, from the unwanted advances of the respondant, against whom the order is issued. It is a valid court order and a violater of it can either be arrested and/or cited for contempt of court.

A curb painted blue means?

parking exclusively for disabled persons. You must have a valid disabled persons placard to use these spaces.

Is custody order in Oregon valid now in MN?

The OR order is valid nationwide unless/until it is superseded by a later order.

Both parties obtain Restraining orders which one is valid?

* Both are valid and it simply means both of you are to stay away from each other. You've obtained it and paid for it so both of you should live by it and move on.

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