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A rhombus is never a rectangle. A rhombus has four sides that are equilateral whereas with a rectangle the two sides are equilateral and the two ends are equilateral.

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What Is a rectangle Is it sometimes a rhombus?

A rectangle is a form of quadrilateral parallelogram, where all angles are of ninety (90) degrees. A rhombus is a quadrilateral parallelogram where all sides are the same length. The only time when a rhombus is a rectangle and vice versa is when both side lengths and angles are equal, i.e. when the shape is a square.

Can a rectangle be also a rhombus?

Yes. There is a shape that has all the properties of a rectangle and all the properties of a rhombus at the same time. It is called a square.

Are rectangles also rhombus?

Most rectangles are not rhombuses, but there is a shape that has all the properties of a rectangle and all the properties of a rhombus at the same time. It is called a square. A square is a special rectangle and a special rhombus.

What are all of the names for a square?

A square is all of these:-- square-- rectangle-- rhombus-- parallelogram-- quadrilateral.We wouldn't say that these are different "names" for a square. They're actual thingsthat the square IS. Just as a 'woman' is also a 'female' and a 'human being', all at thesame time.

Can a triangle also be a rhombus?

No. A triangle has 3 sides, a rhombus has 4 and the last time I checked, 3 was different from 4!

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Sometimes is if you wan to say a portion of time something happens Some time is not proper english, just use SOMETIMES!!!!!

What is a square a parallelogram and a rhombus all at the same time?

A rhombus is a special case of parallelogram (all 4 sides the same length). A square is a special case of rhombus (all 4 angles equal to 90°)

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