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Find you another dentist; have that one transfer your records over to him/her from your old dentist. Then have the new dentist check your mouth out. This would be a second opinion. If it turns out the same way, then go back to your old dentist, or if not, then keep the new one. Some of these, just like doctors can't be trusted- they try to make a buck anywhere they turn.

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Why would a regular dentist sent a patient to endodontist?

A patient would be referred to an endodontist if the patient needed a root canal procedure. An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in root canal procedures.

Is a dentist obligated to treat a patient that can not pay?


How do you terminate a dentist-patient relationship in New Mexico?

how do you terminate a dentist-patient relationship in new mexico? By going to another dentist... dont forget to transfer records. There is no - relationship legalwise as long as you are curent on what you owe him.

What is the first advice of a dentist to his patient?

brush your teeth

Can a dentist transfer patient records to another dentist upon verbal request of the patient in Oregon?

True.....answer fond here

Why can't we sit up in the dentist chair?

Because everything is done in favor of the dentist. All the patient does is chock and pay the bill. The dentist gets rich in comfort while the patient pays the bill and suffers. If you lie down, it is easier for the dentist to sit there, but an open mouth makes a perfect funnel into the throat so that everything dropped by the dentist, and some things are, goes into the throat. Nearly every advancement made in the dentist business has been for the benefit of the dentist. The patient pays more but gets treated worse.

How long must a dentist keep patient records?

Until the patient has finished his/her's treatment.

How do you terminate the patient after doing leopold's maneuver?

how do i legally terminate a dentist-patient relationship in new mexico?

How does a dentist take a bite relation?

A dentist will have the patient bite onto alginate, so that an impression of the bite can be taken and examined.

What has the author Benny K Danbolt written?

Benny K. Danbolt has written: 'Dentistry, patients & dentists' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Dentist and patient, Dentist-Patient Relations, Dentistry, Indexes, Periodicals, Periodiocals

Will emergency room staff sedate a male patient for bladder catheterization if he absolutely wll not consent any other way?

I cannot say for sure but would guess that if the er physician feels the catheterization to be necessary and the patient absolutely will not consent any other way, that they would provide the requested sedation in order to get the catheterization accomplished.

How does a dentist determine a patient's occlusion?

A dentist will check a patient's occlusion by watching how the teeth make contact when the patient bites down normally.

How does math help you in being a dentist?

Count how many teeth your patient has to lose.

Why does a dentist have his patient bite down on coated paper?

The dentist may ask the patient to bite down with a piece of coated paper between the upper and lower teeth; this paper will leave colored marks at the points of contact.

What is the purpose of a sedation dentist?

Sedation dentistry is vastly important when dental procedures are required for patients who are fearful of the dentist. The sedation dentist uses a variety of sedatives to relax the patient prior to the procedure.

What does DMD PC after a dentist name mean?

PC means Professional Corporation. It means that the dentist is protecting his/her assests in case a patient wants to sue them.

When should you call a dentist for a toothache?

Any patient with a toothache should see a dentist at once for diagnosis and treatment. Most toothaches get worse if not treated.

Who would be a member of the American Dental Association is it a retired dentist a dentist student or a dentist patient?

A retired dentist. Just because they retire doesn't mean they lose their accreditation. Those are professional boards that certify you meet their requirements. You've met the requirement. A dental student is still a student and therefore doesn't qualify for accreditation as they're not licensed dentists. Lastly, why would the patient have an accreditation unless they're a dentist themselves?

Can a husband be libial for his wife dental bill?

Nope - the contract is between the dentist and the patient - therefore the actual patient is solely responsible. The dentist cannot pass the debt onto another person unless they (the third party) accept it.

Is it legal for a dentist to refuse service to someone that has a disability?

If the dentist can demonstrate that he/she is not qualified to provide the proper service needed by someone with a particular disability, it is legal. For example, if a person required sedation, and the dentist was not trained in sedation, he could refer the patient to someone that was qualified. If the patient required care be provided in a hospital setting, and the dentist did not have hospital privileges, he could refuse. On the other hand, if the patient simply arrives in a wheelchair, the dentist cannot refuse to treat on that basis alone. All dental offices are required by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) to be wheelchair accessible.

Can thyroid patient undergo dental treatment?

Yes, tell your dentist you are taking thyroid.

What are words that describe a dentist?

Helpful, patient, clean, happy, concentrated, smart, ... etc.

What mirror does the Dentist use to examine the teeth of patient?

I believe that the mirror used by a dentist which views your teeth is called a 'Dental Mirror' or a 'Dental Mouth Mirror'.

Are there any personal qualities needed to be a dentist?

To become a dentist, you need to be compassionate and patient. You will have to sympathize with the people coming to you with their dental problems. You will also need a patient ear to be able to listen to their problems and find the best solution to alleviate their pain and suffering.

What has the author Sarah Nettleton written?

Sarah Nettleton has written: 'Power, pain, and dentistry' -- subject(s): Anxiety, Dentist and patient, Dentist-Patient Relations, Dentistry, Pain, Philosophy, Social aspects, Social aspects of Dentistry 'The Simple Home'