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it's a shoe without a cover

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What is the homophone of the word 'sandal'?

shoe, shoo

What is the homophone for sandal?

shoe, shoo

What is An open shoe with straps?

It is a sandal.

What is a frog's favorite shoe?

An open-toad sandal!

What is the goodyear symbol is it a winged shoe?

it is Hermes winged sandal

What is the outersole?

The bottom of your shoe or boot or sandal that causes traction.

A kind of shoe consisting of a sole secured to the foot by straps?


Is a flip flop a shoe?

A flip-flop is a kind of sandal which is a kind of shoe so kind-a-sorta, yes.

What does a t-bar shoe look like?

school sandal in UK

What is the oldest type of shoe. clog boot moccasin sandal?


What is a sand deal?

you may bee referring to a SANDAL. this is a type of open toed shoe

What 6 words beginning with the letter S can you put on your feet?

Sandal, Shoe, Slipper,

What is a kind of a shoe consisting of a sole secured to the foot by strap called?

Dude its a sandal...

What would a wooden shoe say to a sandal?

Wanna go flipfloppin cuz Im hard

What would the wooden shoe say to a sandal?

What would a pair of moccasins say to each other

What is an appropriate shoe for a manufacturing facility?

That would depend on the requirements of the facility in question, but at a guess I'd say a closed(not a sandal), steel-tipped shoe.

What were the first ever shoes?

the first shoe was a sandal made out of flat pieces of wood and mats of grass

A lightweigh shoe with straps is a called a what?

A lightweight shoe with straps is called a sandal. Sandals do not completely cover the foot so they are mostly used in warm weather.

What is a kind of shoe consisting of a sole secured to the foot by straps?

A type of shoe that is only a sole secured by straps are called sandals. Sandals are a popular footwear for the summertime. A sandal is a kind of shoe consisting of sole secured to the foot by straps. There are many different styles of sandals. Sandals are comfortable footwear for men, women, and children.

What is the plural of sandal?

The plural of sandal is sandals.

What part of speech is sandal?

Sandal is a noun.

What shoes should you where?

Chacos is a type of hiking sandal but very comfortable and you can get any color or you could get a regular shoe and put pads in it. hope i helped.

What is the answer to the riddle 'You bind it and it walks. You loose it and it stops'?

The answer to this riddle is either a sandal or a shoe. If you bind it to your foot, it walks with you. If you loosen it from your foot, it stops.

Can you give me a sentence for sandal?

I wore a sandal at the beach

What is the name of winged sandal worn by Hermes?

Winged Sandal