Sea Urchins

Is a sea urchin asexual or sexual?

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Sexual. They have to mate to have offspring.

In this sense, sexual means there is a male and female gender. Asexual means there is no gender. If I recall correctly, sea slugs are asexual.

There is genetic variation in the sea stars as a result of sexual reproduction.

a sea urchin is a producer

Monera are both sexual and asexual. Monera can be both asexual and sexual.

The classification of a Sea Urchin is Echinoidea

A sea urchin is an echinoderm

Both asexual and sexual.

they are both asexual and sexual.

It is both asexual and sexual

are pinworms asexual or sexual

Sea stars are capable of both types of reproduction.

There are many species of sea urchin but all sea urchins belong to the class Echinoidea.

I believe plants are asexual.

how did the sea urchin became endengered

A sea urchin does move, but not very frequently.

A sea urchin is an invertebrate not a vertebrate

Ladybugs are both asexual and sexual

Starfish are both sexual and asexual.

because the crab needs the sea urchin for protection and the sea urchin needs the crab for food

The strawberry is sexual and asexual; asexual is the more efficent way.

I think a sea anenome and a sea urchin can live together because i have a little aquarium and there is a sea urchin and and a sea anenome (if that's how you spell it) living in there and they were perfectly fine. BUT if you have a sea urchin do not have any crabs in there, because my sea urchin killed one, and almost killed another one by taking its claw off. :(