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yes. Any thing that you wouldn't do in front of your spouse, to me is considered cheating.How would you feel if the tables were turned?

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Q: Is a simple kiss considered cheating or adultery?
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Is it considered cheating if you are married and kiss another woman?

Legally, merely kissing is not considered adultery, so in that limited sense it's not cheating. Practically and morally, you are cheating. Is it not a violation of trust? Or is your sife okay with you and another woman in a liplock?

If you kiss your girlfriend before marriage is it adultery?

Adultry is 'cheating' on your wife. In most places kissing is not considered a sin and is certainly not a crime.

Is a kiss on the cheek considered cheating?

If it's just a friendly kiss then no, but if you think of them as more then just a friend and kiss them then I would think it's considered cheating.

Is a kiss considered adultery in the military?

Not "adultery", but from what is known, it is forbidden while on duty and/or in public on military installations.

Is it considered cheating if you have been dating for a year and you kiss another woman on the lips?

It depends on who you kiss on the lips... If it's your mom your ok, but if it's another girl, then yeah that's cheating

Is it cheating if you kiss another guy on the cheek?

No, it's not cheating.

What to do if your man is cheating?


Is it cheating if you are talking to someone else?

no its only cheating if they kiss and make out

Is kissing an ex married boyfriend adultery?

Technically "adultery" is defined as having intercourse with a married person, not a kiss, however it's not recommended since even a kiss can cause a lot of complication in a marriage :)

How do you make a girl believe that you are not cheating?

kiss her

Can you kiss another woman with it not be called cheating?

yes you can. yopu can kiss someone and not mean it.

Can you close your mouth when you kiss guy?

No, your not kissing if you do that. It's cheating

Should Christians kiss?

If you mean can christians kiss, than yes. Its not a sin unless you're adulterating(cheating)

Is it cheating if you share an intamite kiss with a former lover?

yes. as long as u are not with that person then, and with someone else, it is called cheating.

Is your boyfriend cheating on you if he doesn't kiss you?

No, this cannot be counted as cheating. It could be just because of his mood or some other circumstance.

How do you react after your first kiss?

I would say, "Wow." Then kiss them again. As simple as that.

Is dating a guy and kissing another guy bad?

I would say that if you date one guy, and kiss another, that would be cheating. And cheating is bad.

If you have a girlfriend and your best friend who is a girl gives you a kiss on the cheek is that cheating?

I wouldn't call that cheating. First of all if you didnt know she was going to kiss you or you couldn't stop her then that's not your fault. if you didnt kiss her back you did nothing wrong. Dont worry about that just be careful not to let you or her take things any further.

If you get a small kiss on the lips from another girl is it cheating?

It is rare, but some women will give each other a peck on the lips as friends; but most will kiss on the left or right cheek of the face. If you are thinking of having a relationship with a woman; if you may be gay, then yes, a small kiss on the lips is flirtatious and can lead to cheating.

Do jaden and alexis kiss?

Plain and simple no

Can you get aids by kiss?

No,simple answer but the only answer you need.

What is considered cheating?

Cheating is when you are in a relationship with another person and see someone else behind your mate's back. Not making love with your partner is a form of cheating. Titillating phone calls to another person is also cheating. Chatlines, IMing some other person and getting personal is cheating. ANSWER: Cheating is when a married man or woman kissing the other person on the lips, but if that person kiss the other woman or the other man on a cheek that is not cheating, like how we kiss our parents, sibling or our own family. It's about not telling the spouse who he or she is seeing even for an hour or so. It's about having a private date just the two of them, without telling the spouse. If he or she are eating out but with the group of friends, that is not cheating. Cheating is about going to see his or her friends at home without the spouse knowledge. It's about calling the other person so often and not telling the spouse. It's about making out wirth that other person without the knowledge of the spouse. There are lots of reason when it comes to cheating.

Does a truth or dare kiss count as a first kiss?

Kinda depending on what kinda kiss you do if it's just a simple peck then no but if it's a French kiss or something then yes

Can an 11 year old kiss?

Yes, everyone can kiss. Kissing is simple, so technically anyone can make a kiss, but what the kiss means is something different.

How do you kiss a guy when you're 11?

just a simple kiss on the lips is ok for your age

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