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No. Find the company you want coverage from and then see what they will do. Recent legislation prohibits Insurance Companies from using your Social Security # in your ID card.

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Q: Is a social security number always required to obtain health insurance?
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Can you get health insurance without a social security number?

You will have to have a social security number in order to get health insurance. This is required on the paperwork and is used to check prior health records.

Is health insurance required to donate blood?


Is it required by law to have health care insurance?

Different states have different laws, however I think it is advisable to have health care insurance as health care is expensive, but I don't think it is a required law.

Is health insurance required in Saudi Arabia?

All non-cهtizens are required to carry health insurance. Muhammad Al-Salamah محمد السلامة non-citizens who work for health care facilities and clinics are not required to carry health insurance. Additionally this law, like many others in Saudi Arabia, is often ignored.

Can an employer pay health insurance for you?

Yes the employer can pay the health insurance but is not required to by law. He is encouraged to for bettering the employees benefits.

What has the author Edward Herman Ochsner written?

Edward Herman Ochsner has written: 'Social insurance and economic security' -- subject(s): Health Insurance, Political corruption, Public health, Social security

Will health insurance help with liposuction prices?

Liposcution prices mostly likely will not be impacted by health insurance. Many liposuction procedures are considered cosmetic and not required for the overall health of the patient and therefore not related to health insurance.

What kind of information is required when going to renew a European health insurance card?

The information that is required for each person renewing a European health insurance card is: their full name, their date of birth and their National Insurance (NHS) number.

How is group health insurance different from individual or family health insurance?

Group health insurance is required to accept all employees regardless of their health while individual insurance can deny coverage to unhealthy people. They also calculate renewal rates differently.

Is insurance coverage mandatory?

It depends on the type of insurance and the state. Health insurance coverage is required in Massachusetts, for example. Meanwhile, auto insurance is required in many states, but not in New Hampshire. It varies.

Do social security still cover health insurance for adults?

Social Security is not a health insurance program. Medicare covers medical care for persons over age 65 and certain persons who are totally and permanently disabled as defined by Social Security regulations.

Is children's social security number needed to add them to health insurance policy?


Is individual health insurance required by law?

Individual healthcare is not required by law at this time. However, by 2014, it will be legally required for private citizens to have health insurance. Bu it should be noted that there are plenty of states suing the govt over this mandate.

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is an insurance product that provides cover for medical and surgical expenses of an insured person, in case of a medical emergency. However, you are required to pay a premium to avail of health insurance policy. Insurance Best rates In Ontario. Visit

Does your employer have to provide you health insurance?

Employers only have to provide health insurance if they meet certain legal requirements. A business must have a certain number of full-time employees for it to be required to provide insurance for health coverage.

What kind of information is required when purchasing health insurance for the self employed?

General information is required. This would include your name, address, social security number, home phone number, age, gender and other risk factors.

When your company offers health insurance are you required by law to have health coverage to work Do you have to opt in?

If you are required by law to carry insurance, you can either have it through the employer or provide your own. They cannot legally force you to opt in to their coverage.

Do you have to submit secondary insurance to a hospital?

If you want to use it, of course. But you are never required to submit health insurance to anyone.

Is it required by the federal government for small businesses to offer health insurance to their employees?

Offering health insurance is not a requirement by law for any business. Having insurance for your employees is a great benefit to offer.

Should social security be deducted from paycheck before or after health insurance is deducted?


What are the documents required for buying health insurance online?

No documents are required for purchasing health insurance. Depending on the norms of the insurer and the TPA. You might need to furnish documents like ID proof at the time of submitting a claim.

Where could one obtain California health insurance quotes?

In California, one could obtain health insurance quotes from e-Health Insurance, Health Plan One and Insurance Cafe. Several employers provide health plans for their employees and these would always be preferable to purchasing a solo scheme.

What are the best pet health insurance providers?

AgileHealthInsuranceAgile Health Insurance makes it simple to choose, compare & apply online for affordable Health Insurance from leading Health Insurance Companies with ObamaCare options, Short-Term Health & Dental Insurance too!

Can your boss refuse to give you health insurance?

In the UK a company has to have certain liability insurance for the public and employees. The type and extent of that insurance would depend on the business itself. No company is required to supply personal health insurance outside of the liabilities of such insurance.

Do I have to be in good health to get 25 year term life insurance?

No you do not. Most often, if you don't have good health, you will be required to pay more for the insurance premium but otherwise, you will be able to get a 25 year term life insurance regardless of your health status.