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Social worke is good job for sabhi.

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Q: Is a social worker job a good field to go into?
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Can a convicted felon get a job in the social worker field in NC?


Can you get a good job with an associates in Social work?

To be a social worker you would need a minimum of a bachelor's degree in social work (BSW).

Where are social worker trainings located?

There are a lot of social worker jobs available through the government. Check out: for more options in the field. You may want to look at your local county's job listings too.

What are some good youth social worker jobs?

The field of a social worker offers many options for working with youth. These jobs generally fall under the "child, family and school" type of social work. A job in a foster home is one example. Working as an adoption specialist would be another.

What was Tom Robinson's job?

field worker

What is the difference between a social worker and a social care worker?

social worker needs a post graduate degree before he can work and social care worker can be trained on the job or only needs NVQ.

Is social work a profitable job field?

Generally social work is not a profitable job field. Even with advanced degrees (masters, PhD) social work programs often offer less pay than other jobs, or may even be volunteer. If you are looking to be a social worker, it is for the work, not for the money.

What was Elaeanor Roosevelts first job?

Her first job was as a social worker.

What kind of job can you get with an associate's degree in psychology?

An associate's degree in psychology will not get you a career in psychology. You can NOT become a school guidance counselor OR social worker. To become a social worker or guidance counselor, you need a master's degree. A school guidance counceler is a good job to get. Also any kind of social worker job with your local human or childrens services. there are several more job types available with this type of degree.

What is a worker that only does one type of job?

The worker can be referred to as a specialist depending on the specific field.

What is the difference between social workers and at risk youth workers?

social worker is a job that a intelligent person work where the person should have a good moral and character this type of job are like kso etc... where as youth worker is for the youth member of the society like cdsu etc....

What job can I get with a degree in sociology?

A certain person with a sociology degree can work as a social worker, hired by the government. Being a social worker is not an easy job, but it is in demand. A social worker helps all the layers of the community, he helps kids in danger, and even women and men in danger.

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