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No. Catchers use mitts (no defined fingers) not gloves. Although, there are similarities there is a difference in padding, mainly on pinky and figer side of mitt. fastpitch catchers mitts tend to have thicker padding.

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there are catching gloves, 1st basemens glove, infielders glove and outfielders glove.

A boxing glove, tied together to make the shape of a ball.

a glove is used to catch the softballs and some types of gloves are mizuno, nike, easton., and whiton

No, same goes for catchers gloves, only a first baseman can use a trapper and only a catcher can use a catchers glove

i see the question has improved but not that much ... i still don't no WHOS the catcher throwing to ...

The biggest size of a baseball glove is 32.5 inches for a catcher, then 12.75 for outfield, then 12 or 12.5 for first base.

the batter has a strike out but the catcher glove dropping is the same a the ball dropping and thebatter will run to first ... which the catcher will throw the ball to for the put out ... It is a strikeout, but the batter is not out until he is either tagged out by the catcher, or the ball is thrown to first for the put out, or the batter leaves the home plate area to return to the dugout.

In non-professional leagues, a catcher can technically use any kind of glove to catch. However, a catcher's mitt provides the most padding and is the best glove suited for catching.

Yes you do. Every position requires a glove. But for positions such as catcher or first base you need a certain glove specified forthat position. You can get a glove at any sports store like Dick's or Sports Authority.

The correct spelling is catcher's mitt (the glove used by a baseball catcher).

catcher framing is when the picth enters your glove you then move it so it looks like a strike.

The performance is great. I would say it depends on how much you play the position, though. If you play 1st base a lot and plan on playing it in the future, I would say yes. If 1st base is not your primary position though, I would say no.

* Doug Allison * He was a catcher * He wore a buckskin glove to protect his hands * Everyone thought Doug was a sissy cause he was easin the pain and baseball was a macho game

ya....if they swing and hit the glove then its called catcher interference. the batter then gets to go to first base

Yes, this has happened enough to have a specific rule about it. If the bat strikes the catcher or his equipment (almost always his glove) while the batter is swinging, the umpire calls catcher interference and the batter takes first base.

No, a catcher must wear a catchers mitt for extra padding and the width of the glove make it easier to catch a ball that's flying at a slow 60 mph to a quick 98 mph The catcher may wear any legal glove allowed to any player, though only he may wear the catcher's mitt. Many catchers switch to a first baseman's glove to catch a knuckle ball pitcher for example. As stated above though, the extra padding helps for high velocity pitchers.

You should apply glove oil on a first base glove. It works regardless of the type of glove.

It is not in the rule book that a catcher must wear a catcher's glove, however, it is a very good to do so. The hardest throwing pitchers in the MLB throw in the mid to high 90's. Without a catcher's glove, you would break your hand and fingers.

When your a catcher it isn't hard if you have a good glove. I know this cuz i play softball. If you have catching skills it isn't hard. But u need to no the rules.

to pitch you have to concentrate on the catchers glove and pretend like your just playing catch with the catcher

This is some discrepancy over who invented the first baseball glove. However, Rawlings sports manufacturing company is the first recorded manufacturer of the baseball glove and does hold the patent on this first glove.

All that matters is that the catcher caught the ball. Accordng to MLB Rule 6.05(b), a batter is out if: " A third strike is legally caught by the catcher; Rule 6.05(b) Comment: "Legally caught" means in the catcher's glove before the ball touches the ground. It is not legal if the ball lodges in his clothing or paraphernalia; or if it touches the umpire and is caught by the catcher on the rebound. If a foul-tip first strikes the catcher's glove and then goes on through and is caught by both hands against his body or protector, before the ball touches the ground, it is a strike, and if third strike, batter is out. If smothered against his body or protector, it is a catch provided the ball struck the catcher's glove or hand first. "

He needs to use a glove, but it does not have to be a special catcher's mitt.

A frame is when the catcher catches the ball and rolls his glove into the strike zone.

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