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Yes. Soprano is a high woman's voice, Alto is low woman's voice, Tener is a high man's voice and Base is a low man's voice.

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Q: Is a soprano voice higher than an alto voice?
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What is higher than alto but lower than soprano?

Nothing is lower than a soprano and higher than an alto but there are such things as soprano 2s and alto 1s which are in between although they are not there own section

Does the alto have a higher pitch than the soprano?

No, because a soprano is an octive higher.

Is there a voice voice higher than soprano?

Not really as soprano is the accepted highest natural voice.

A female singer deeper than soprano but higher than a tenor?


Is there any voice higher than a soprano?

Not really as soprano is the accepted highest natural voice.

Which pitches is the soprano higher than?

alto, contra, look it up!

What is the difference between treble and soprano?

A treble is the highest of the four main male voice types, usually found in cathedral choirs, and is sung by boys. The soprano is the highest of the three main female voice types, higher than mezzo-soprano and alto.

Is Adele a alto or saprano?

alto, alto is lower than soprano

What is the difference between alto and tenor?

an Alto is what women sing whereas the tenor is like the soprano to the base so to speak. Tenors sing higher than the base just like sopranos sing higher than the altos. tenor is a couple of steps lower than alto and is the soprano version for the guys.

What is the difference between a soprano saxophone and sopranino saxophone?

The soprano saxophone is pitched in Bb, and sounds a major second below written. The sopranino saxophone it pitched in Eb, a 4th higher than the soprano, and sounds a minor 3rd higher than written. For comparison, the soprano is pitched an octave higher than the tenor, and the sopranino an octave higher than the alto.

What are the voice range from highest to lowest?

Typical voice parts in a chorus are soprano, alto, tenor and bass. Sometimes there is a coloratura soprano, who often sings higher than other sopranos. There can be baritone, which overlaps with tenor and bass. There can be a deep bass or basso profundo who singer lower than other basses.

What family does the B flat clarinet belong to?

The Bb clarinet is the alto-tenor voice of the woodwind section. Though its range stretches lower than the oboe, the alto-soprano, the Bb clarinet also goes a whole tone higher than the oboe.

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