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This could be a sign of pregnancy or simply wind.

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Q: Is a strange feeling almost like a bubble in your lower right abdomen along with some fluttering a sign of pregnancy?
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Can strange fluttering in lower abdomen be a symptom of pregnancy before you miss your period?

It is possible. The fluttering, however, would not be fetal movement...that is not detectable until about 16-22 weeks of pregnancy. The funny feeling in your abdomen could be stretching of the uterus...but that would feel more like cramps, stretching, or twinges. I know it feels like forever when you are wondering if you are pregnant, but the only way to really tell is wait until your expected period and if you do not get it then take a home pregnancy test.

Could there still be a chance of pregnancy if you had a tubal done and are experiencing strange feelings in your lower abdomen but have not missed a period and have had negative results on tests?

no chance of pregnancy. see your doctor for ultrasound scan.

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Could you be pregnant or is it just the pill if you have recently been experiencing very sore tender breasts extremely lethargic strange tingly feeling down below and strange feelings in your abdomen?

It could be either one. If you haven't taken birth control pills before they can give the same symptoms as pregnancy. If you haven't missed your period I wouldn't worry yet. Once you do miss, take a HPT or go to your physician and they will run one for you.

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Can having a tasteless feeling in the mouth consider one of the pregnancy symptoms?

Hello,Pregnancy symptoms consist of:Missed period.Vaginal spotting.Feeling nauseous.Vomiting.Abdominal cramping.Food cravings.Food adversions.Increase in vaginal discharge.Tiredness.Headache.Dizziness.A strange taste in the mouth is unlikely to be pregnancy related. Especially if you are not experiencing any of the above pregnancy symptoms.Please note this is advice only & is not to be used in the place of a medical expert.

IS Thickening of endometrium can lead to pregnancy?

Strange question. Sex, or artificial insemination leads to pregnancy.

If you are tired have headaches and body aches and tender nipples bloated and strange feeling in your stomach could you be pregnant?

Of course! these are obvious signs of pregnancy, however there are other conditions that could explain this too, including problems with your cycle. go get a pregnancy test if you want to know!

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Are cravings for food a symptom for pregnancy?

Yes, in fact strange food cravings are one of the more common pregnancy symptoms.

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Do pit bulls bleed during pregnancy?

actually pit bulls don't bleed through their pregnancy but some might if they have problems or a strange condition.

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and every morning this week I wake up with a nervous feeling in my stomach. Once I'm up and out of bed it goes away. What could this be?

At about the same time in my second pregnancy, I used to get a strange feeling in my stomach along with mild nausea which would pass before too long. I could never discover what the cause was, other than just a normal reaction to pregnancy hormones. Good luck!!!

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Why do I get a tingling feeling when I push on my belly button?

I have alsol had a strange etingling feeling around my belly button for the past while.....I am not supposed to be pregnant.......All the awnsers that i have found say it could be due to pregnancy? If it is when would a person first feel this? Probably your belly button nerves likes it. Maby you should play with it for a while and see if the tingeling goes away

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Is a strange taste in the mouth similar to the one you feel with acid reflux a sign of early pregnancy?


Does your back ache during the first weeks of pregnancy?

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Does rocking in a chair help during pregnancy?

Help with what I wonder. it has no impact on the pregnancy itself but if you have a problem and is helped by rocking in a chair - go for it. People do all kinds of strange things to deal with pregnancy symptoms. It wont hurt.