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No, Kentucky is not a community property state.

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Q: Is a surviving spouse liable for payment of debt on a loan cosigned only by the deceased spouse in Kentucky?
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You cosigned a loan and your daughter has not paid the payment for 10 months Can you take her to small claims court to sue her for non payment?

If you made the payment, yes.

In state of new york if the surviving spouse is additional user on a credit card of the deceased will the surviving spouse need to pay the debt?

No, an authorized user has no obligation to pay back the debt and the credit card company cannot make you pay the debt. They can request payment from the estate if there is an estate left.

When you remarry can you still receive your deceased social security payment?


If you cosigned on a loan and they are constantly late on their payment can you take legal action and ask that she refinance the car?

Nope... You signed a binding contract.

If your father cosigned a car loan with you and you missed a payment does he have authority to take your car?

Well, if you are under 18, he can certainly take away your keys.

Are your fathers tenants still responsible for payment once he is deceased?


In MD is surviving spouse responsible for deceased husbands medical bills?

Yup, sure are. But then my guess is that you urged him to look into the service therefore you should want to pay them anyway... It WILL go on your credit.... Set up a payment plan- most places will do $10 a month....

If your estranged spouse files bankruptcy and you cosigned should you make payment arrangement file bankruptcy or wait for SOL to expire?

Thats a decision YOU have to make. Please consider the effects on your credit for each choice. Having to make that decision is a result of not considering it b4 you cosigned. Good Luck

What can be done if the person died that a person cosigned for Is there anyway the person can resolve this situation They are elderly and can't afford the payment What are some options Need help?

jamal Simpson

What happens if you are not willing to pay for your funeral?

If a funeral is not able to be paid for, the spouse or child of the deceased may be able to receive a one-time death benefit payment from Social Security if the deceased was on that. The deceased may also be buried by the state or cremated.

Does Kentucky extradite for non payment of alimony if I live in Texas?

Yes. By way of Gitmo.

Are the children of a deceased parent responsible for their debt in the state of New Jersey?

Yes and no. The estate of the deceased is responsible for payment of any debts of the departed, so if you had been willed any form of an asset then it could be liquidated or levied for the repayment of a debt owned to the estate. The only time children or a surviving spouse are liable is if they put themselves up as a guarantor, including co-signing on a car, apartment, credit card, and/or medical care.

Can a pension that is not part of the estate be subject to paying a deceased debts?

Any and all assets of a deceased can be used for the repayment of his debts. However, if the pension is making a lump sum payment to a "beneficiary" like a spouse, then it would not be considered an asset of the deceased and you could fight any claims a creditor might make, but if it just pays out to the deceases estate then its fair game for payment of any debt therein.

Are adult children responsible for paying deceased parents taxes?

The taxes of a deceased person would be the responsibility of that person's estate. If the children are the administrators/executors of the the estate, then they would be responsible for filing the taxes on behalf of the deceased; but the payment would come out of estate funds, not from the children personally.

How much can a caregiver get from probate?

It will all be based on the terms of the will. If the caregiver has unpaid bills for care of the deceased, they can apply to probate for payment.

Can a surviving spouse negotiate final payment on a home equity loan that they were not a borrower for?

Yes, however, the answer depends on specific situations associated with the partnership/marriage and the state in which they live in. If the state is a communal property state and the surviving spouse that is not a borrower had ANY benefit from the loan, that spouse owes the money as a borrower (despite not being a borrowing party on the loan). In this case, if the surviving spouse is not in a position to pay for the loan, a negotiation would be warranted soon after the (within a month or two of) deceased spouses death. If the state is a non-communal property state, the estate of the deceased spouse will first be looked to in order to provide the funds to pay off all debts. If there are enough assets to cover the debt, the loan will be paid in full, regardless of the surviving spouse's wishes as the lender's rights come before those that may be beneficiaries to any estate proceeds. If there are not enough assets to cover the loan, the lender may look to liquidate the asset (the surviving spouse's home) in order to satisfy the debt. If the home is NOT in the surviving spouse's name (either through joint tennancy or named ownership), the surviving spouse may not be able to intervene.

Do I continue to pay the mortgage on my deceased father's house there is a will?

the will states that she does not work has no way to pay he told me if i can make the payment i could have the house

Is a child required to show proof of payment of debt to a deceased mother to avoid paying the debt to an estate in an irrevocable trust?


Can you file bankruptcy even if someone else has cosigned with you?

Yes. You can file BK. The lender will then go after the co-signer for payment. In other words, the co-signer learns why the lender required a co-signer in the first place.

Is a surviving spouse obligated to pay medical expenses incurred by the deceased spouse prior to death?

In general, yes. There may be specific circumstances where that doesn't hold so perhaps you should talk to a lawyer. If the deceased left an insurance policy or other resources, that should be applied. There should also be a Social Security payment that covers part of the hospital bill. * Not usually, the exceptions are, if the couple resided in a community property state or the surviving spouse signed documents agreeing to pay medical expenses. If the patient was covered by Medicare and/or Medicaid, the hospital and attending physicians have already agreed to accept the maximum amount allowed under the Medicare program for the deceased's medical expenses.

How do you change ownership of a life insurance policy when insured is deceased?

Ownership cannot be changed after death. All rights and responsibilities of the owner of the policy end at death of the insured. At death, proceeds will be paid out to the beneficiary and if the method of payment was decided before death then payment is set as well. If payment method is not set then the beneficiary can decide how they want to received payment. There are many ways they can receive payment.

Can Kentucky extradite someone if non child support payment is under the 5000.00 felony charge?

No, it does require the felony charge

Will it affect your ability to get a loan if you cosigned for someone else?

Be very cautious about co-signing for a loan. If the primary borrower defaults, you are responsible for the loan payment. It also may affect your ability to get a loan if your debt to income ratio is already high.

Can you be held liable for a deceased credit card debt if you made the minimum monthly payment for them and were not a joint holder?

No, making a payment(s) on someone else's debt does not legally obligate the payer to continue to pay or to assume the debt as his or her own.

Are the surviving adult children responsible for paying any debts of a deceased parent?

Technically, no.The "estate" of the decedent is responsible, through the actions of the executor, for collecting the assets and receivables and paying all of the debts of the estate prior to distribution to the heirs, if any. If the heirs take a share prior to payment of all the debts, they can be forced to return the property or money to the estate if needed for the debts.

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