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Is a tattoo shop uninsurable?

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Tattoo shops are considered high risk businesses due to the potential for injury to customers from dirty needles, rashes, bodily injury and numerous other reasons. Therefore not a lot of companies are willing to insure a risk of this nature.

You can due a search on the internet for each of the following:

Tattoo insurance quotes. Tattoo insurance program. Specialty risk insurance. High risk business insurance. Excess and Surplus Lines Insurance - these types of insurance companies insure high risk businesses such as tattoo shops.


My tattoo and piercing studio in Alabama seems to be uninsurable as well. Like you, I just want slip & fall insurance, as my attorneys assure me that my waiver and release is ironclad. If you have any luck finding an insurer (short of joining the APT or APP) please let me know.


Absolutely NOT! I have a program for tattoo and piercing shops. Have been writing them for more than 12 years. More than 500 throughout the country.



Absolutely NOT!!! I have been writing a program for tattoo and piercing shops for more than 12 years contact me.


Hi, I dont think tattoo shops are uninsurable. You may not be able to find any common insurer since the business you are doing is a high-risk business. But there are many specialized insurers who deal with high-risk businesses like that of yours. I am sure you may be able to insure your business with them. However, depending on the severity of the risk involved in your business, the premium that you may need to pay may also vary (might be higher).


I own a shop in NYC and although it is a very high premium, we are fully insured by a top name company. Nationwide Insurance is our carrier. You do need to be fully certified by your local Health agency and have some sort of professional licence too. try them out i have had them for over 7 years now.

2013-08-13 17:35:42
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