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No. Child support is generally based upon the obligated parent's monthly income from wages and any other source. A tax refund is not always for the same amount nor always applicable and therefore could not be counted as an income source. A tax refund can be seized for child support arrearages.

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Q: Is a tax refund considered when determining the amount of child support in Illinois?
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In Louisiana when determining the amount for child support should the new spouse of each parent be considered?

No, only the biological parent is responsible for supporting his or her child/children.

What happens to child support if you move from Illinois to Tennessee?

Such a move will not change the amount of support owed. Illinois will likely ask Tennessee to register the support order.

What does calculated support mean?

The ascertained amount after determining all available evidence.

What is the percentage of support to pay in Illinois from date of service on any back support?

In general, 20% of the amount ordered for current support.

What factors should be considered when determining the amount of food servings you need each day?

Your age, your sex and your amount of activity.

Do food stamps and medicaid effect child support?

... affect ... Child support is considered income for purposes of determining eligibility for food stamps [SNAP] and Medicaid. However, receipt of either should have no effect on the amount of one's child support, whether one is the obligor or obligee.

What is considered extra in child support?

Any amount in excess of the the court ordered child support.

What is the percentage that can be taken out of pay for child support arrearage?

Depends on the jurisdiction; in Illinois, it's a percentage of the amount of current support (generally, 20%).

What is the average amount of child support paid in America?

The monthly amount paid for child support varies greatly based on a number of factors. There really isn't an "average" amount; the supporting parent's financial and employment situations are key determining factors.

Does severance pay count as 'income' in determining child support in Pennsylvania?

Yes. All income and/or assets received by the obligated parent will factor into establishing the amount of support granted.

Can back child support in Illinois stop you from getting a passport?

If the past-due amount exceeds the current threshold, yes.

Could a father pay some form of support or child care for an autistic child even if father is on Social Security?

Social Security is income for purposes of determining amount of child support.

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