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Q: Is a tele star twin reverb and tremolo system pro piggy back amplifier a vintage amp How much is it worth?
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How do you puat a wammy bar in a guitar?

firstly if your guitar doesnt have a whammy bar(aka a tremolo system) already installed then getting one in there may be a bit tough for certain guitars. if you own a les paul for example then you could, in fact install a Bigsby tremolo system but it would require permanant modifications that should be considered before they are done(i.e. drilling quarter inch holes on the front). however if you have a guitar with a standard tremolo system already installed( like a fender stratocaster style) the n it might be possible to install a wilkinson* tremolo system. hope this helps. and remember that a tremolo system is also part of your bridge so you must measure properly or get a professional too do it.-Kyse

Can I get an integrated amplifier in my car's stereo system?

Yes. An amplifier can be added and intergrated into your system.

Can you turn a guitar amplifier into a amplifier for a Stereo system?

You can, but it just will not have the same sound quality.

Does a 2000 Chevrolet Malibu come with a factory amplifier for the sound system?

This does come with a factory amplifier for the sound system. Sometimes it comes disconnected and needs to be reattached.

What are the downsides of using an amplifier for one's car audio system?

There are many downsides of using an amplifier for one's car audio system. Some downsides for using an amplifier for one's car audio system includes bothering those around them due to the noise and harming one's ears.

What are the system applications of a class A amplifier?

A class-A amplifier is used to amplify small signals when power use is not an issue.

Is a subwoofer an amplifier?

no, a subwoofer is not a amplifier a subwoofer is actually a speaker that is made for bass. an amplifier is what helps the subwoofer work and sound properly when you install a audio system in your automobile or home.

What is a 400 dollar 7 string metal guitar with a locking Floyd rose tremolo system?

Schecter Demon 7 FR.

What are the application of RC coupled amplifier?

impedance matchingvoltage amplifier in initial stage of public addressing system

What is the applications of negative feedback amplifier?

A: feedback is not an application but rather is a must to keep a system or amplifier stable in the linear regions

What is EasySing?

EasySing Portable Amplifier Speakers with Microphones. It is a portable sound system that you can use as a audio system for Karaoke, Singalong ( Sing a long ) purposes. You can use it as a PA System or a Voice Amplifier.

Which vacuum based device is widely used as a power amplifier in satellite communication system?

TWTA(Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier)

Is it more likely that the amplifier or the speakers would go out in a 1989 dodge dynasty with a infinity sound system?

Amplifier or blown fuse.

Is tuned voltage amplifier used in public address system?


How will you locate the fault in pre amplifier?

it is simply the voltage of the system

What are the system applications of a class B amplifier?

Class B operated amplifier is used extensively for audio amplifiers that require high power outputs. Its also used as the driver and power amplifier stages of transmitters.

Where to find the on-board amplifier in a Lincoln town car?

The amplifier for the sound system is in the trunk on the right hand side of the car attached the the vertical panel on the trunk side of the rear seat. On most sound system options, this amplifier has a pre-amp required for the factory radio. If you are installing an aftermarket radio, you will need a bypass plug to eliminate the on board amplifier yet utilize the existing wiring and speakers.

What kind of work anLM35DT does?

It is the thermal protection system for the outstage of an amplifier

Can a headphone amplifier be used with a hi fi system?

A headphone amplifier can be used with a hi-fi system although is not necessary. Most hi-fi systems have the ability to have headphones directly connected through a dedicated output socket. The headphone amplifier can become useful when using high end headphones and connecting them to individual components of the hi-fi system or with many of today's portable music devices.

What would one use a Class D amplifier for?

A Class D amplifier is a switching or pulse-width modulation amplifier. Class D amplifiers can have either digital or analog inputs and are used for home theater system and mobile phones.

Where could one purchase a signal amplifier?

One could purchase a signal amplifier from Amazon, Currys and Argos. Amazon has a One For All SV9512 Signal Amplifier 1 Way System for $13.20 and is compatible with analog and digital signals.

If you have and factor system with an amplifier and your rear speakers go out do you need a new system?

No you can just replace rear speakers.

On the factory radio wire harness of a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero what color do you connect to the remote wire of your amplifier?

If it is a RDS system, then you will need to connect the blue wire to the remote wire on the amplifier.

This is a class A\B amplifier. It is a great amp to run a entire system with a moderate subwoofer or to drive multiple mids and highs.?

This is a class A\B amplifier. It is a great amp to run a entire system with a moderate subwoofer or to drive multiple mids and highs.

Who is Floyd Rose?

the inventor of the floating tremolo system he named after himself. An amateur guitarist inspired by Richie Blackmore and others who wanted a better kind of whammy, the rest is history.