Is a tokay gecko tamable

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I've had my Tokay for about 2 weeks now and they are tamable if you handle them correctly. he did bite a lot for the first couple days but you have to move a bit slow when you go to touch them. fast movements are a threat. you spook them, they get defensive. they will get use to you handling them and wont be a hassle to take them out of the cage. my Tokay actually no longer bites at me, but does bite at others. they know who their owner is. They will try to run off and jump out of your hands when you first take him out but in most cases, after being removed from the terrarium they calm down. You'll have a much better chance at taming the Tokay gecko outside of the enclosure, rather than within.

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Q: Is a tokay gecko tamable
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Is Tokay gecko fast or slow?

The Tokay Gecko is a fast running gecko.

What is the scientific name for Tokay Gecko?

Gecko gecko

What do you do when a tokay gecko bites?

When a Tokay gecko bites you want to put their head in water then they will let go.

Why cant you hold your gecko?

first of all if any breed beside tokay gecko you can hold it! if tokay gecko it is because it does not enjoy it and will bite!

What is the scientific name for a Tokay gecko?

Gekko gecko

What is the scientific name for the tokay gecko?

gekko gecko

What is the Latin name for the Tokay gecko?

Gekko geck or Stellio Tokay

Why is Tokay gecko expensive?

The common tokay gecko is not a pricey gecko. They are an invasive species in several parts of the world and are somewhat common. Morphs of tokay geckos are highly sought out due to the rarity of these amazing colors and patterns.

How do you gain weight for tokay gecko?

feed your gecko amino mass

Is there a Tokyo gecko?

A Tokyo no, a Tokay, Yes.

Is the Tokay Gecko poisonous?

No - but it does have a powerful bite !

Is Tokay the largest state?

Tokay is not the name of a state in any country. Tokay is a gecko in Asia.

What is a Noisy lizard with toe pad?

Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko) is one

How does a tokay gecko keep its eyes clean?

The Tokay gecko species, has no eyelids. Because of this, the eyeball must consistently be licked, to keep moistened and improve vision.

Can tokay gecko cure hiv?

Eating a tokay gecko to cure H I V is a myth. The people of Malyasia and surrounding area believe eating a tokay gecko will cure illnesses and diesease. This is all false. There is also a believe that it can be used as a Aphrodisiac, this assumption is also false.

Are geckos aggersive?

Most aren't but some species can be, such as the Tokay Gecko (Gekko gecko).

Is tokay gecko brings luck?

No. There is not really luck.

Can you put a bearded dragon with a tokay gecko?

Tokay would rip the life out of ur bearded dragon buddy

Where do Tokay Gecko live?

Tokay geckos are native to North Eastern Asia. Including: Vietnam, Malyasia, Indonesia.

How do you pronounce tokay gecko?

Tow-kay Geck-o

How big does a tokay gecko get?

750grams and 18 years old

Who are the enemies of the Tokay Gecko?

tokay gekos can eat garter snakes but they cant eat large snakes tokay geko are fast and strong thy will win fights

What types of geckos can you keep as pets?

Lots here are a few: Leopard gecko Fat tailed Gecko Crested Gecko Tokay Gecko and many more

When does a Tokay Gecko bark?

A tokay geckos natural instinct is to defend one's self. A tokay will bark to ward off predators, call a mate, stress, or simple exhaustion.

How long can the largest species of Gecko the Tokay grow to be?

14 inches