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No they are not the same transmissions they will not mount to the motors properly but you can buy adapter kits to make them fit, here is the problem you have to make sure that the wiring harnesses will interchange 97 - 01 it is a long shot in the dark.


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It will bolt up, but it will not shift. 1997 is electric, 1994 is hydraulic

no it wont fit cause ive just changed a 1990 jeep Cherokee transmission it had a 1998 jeep grand Cherokee transmission in it it broke the fly wheel and burned the torque converter up

No, it will bolt up, but it will not shift. The 1995 is hydraulically controlled. The 1997 is computer controlled.

If you are asking about rear axle gears, no. The XJ has a corporate axle and the ZJ has a Dana axle.

The governor sensor has to do with transmission fluid pressure.

The engine computer is the voltage regulator in a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

42RE if it's an automatic, Aisin AX-15 if it's a manual.

A 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee does not have EGR.

The transfer case in a 1997 Jeep uses automatic transmission fluid.

How do you change the orifice tube on 1997 grand Cherokee jeep with 5.2 v/8

The governor pressure sensor is on the passenger side of the valve body inside the transmission.

The crankshaft position sensor on a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 L is on the top driver side of the transmission bell housing.

A 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee has one ignition coil.

No ( motorcraft . com shows the 1995 Grand Marquis transmission as an AOD - E and the 1997 Grand Marquis transmission as a 4R70W and different part numbers )

On the V8 it is on the passenger side top of the transmission bell housing, on the six cylinder it is on the driver side top of the transmission bell housing.

The jack is located under the rear seat on my 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

some are yes but the sensors have different connections

Wrangler up to 2006, Cherokee up to 2000. Grand Cherokee up to 2004.

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