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No, it is from the same family as the nightshade plant. It is toxic to humans, and is considered an agricultural pest. Farmers and ranchers that find tropical soda apple quarantine their cattle from the area as they eliminate it.

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What parts of apple are edible?

Edible Hypanthium of the apple is known as Pome

Is an apple seed edible?

Yes, it is edible.

The edible root of a tropical vine?

There are several edible roots of tropical vines, including taro, yam and jicama.

Is baking soda edible?


Is apple an edible root?

Apples are edible fruits.

What is an edible apple shaped fruit?

An apple.

What is the edible root of a tropical vine?


What happens when you put an apple in a cup of sprite soda?

When you put an apple in a cup of sprite soda , the soda starts to fizz.

How would you classify an apple?

as something edible.

Which parts of an apple are edible to horses?

All of it

Is an apple edible?

Yes, unless it is poisoned

Is there poison ivy in the tropical rain forest?

There are no poison ivies in the tropical rain forests. Although the double shell contains a skin irritating toxin similar to poison ivy. The cashew nut is edible and the "apple" can be eaten raw or made into chutney

The edible starchy root of a tropical plant?

g7tuyxr uy

What has the author Franklin W Martin written?

Franklin W. Martin has written: 'Growing food in containers in the Tropics' -- subject(s): Edible Plants, Plants, Edible, Tropical plants, Vegetable gardening 'Techniques and plants for the tropical subsistence farm' -- subject(s): Farms, Small, Nutrition policy, Small Farms, Tropical crops 'The biology of poor seed production in Tephrosia vogelii' -- subject(s): Tephrosia vogelii 'Perennial edible fruits of the tropics' -- subject(s): Edible Plants, Plants, Edible, Tropical fruit

What is Tropical Fantasy soda made from?


Which compounds are edible?

water salt vinegar sugar and baking soda

Are green seeds in a tomato edible?

yes All seeds are edible and you could eat the pips in an apple if you wanted.

Can apple float in soda?


Can all tropical fish eat cucumber?

Simple answer is NO!.Many tropical fish are insectivores and others are carnivores so Cucumber is not edible to many tropical fish.

What did edward say before he caught the apple?

'Edible Art?'

Is the inside of an apple called the meat of an apple?

Yes. Using the word "meat" refers to the actual edible fruit of an apple.

A beverage that begins with s?

soda; sprite; shakessodaApple Juice!

What is Harry style's favorite soda?

He prefers water and apple juice to soda.

Where can I buy a case of tropical fantasy soda?

in the ghetto

Does tropical soda freezes faster then water?