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It is risky at any age. It is most recommended by doctors that the man get a vasectomy rather than the woman get a tubal ligation. The recovery time is less for men and it is less risky since there are fewer tubes and less chance of complications.

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Q: Is a tubal ligation more risky at age 25?
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Who is the average recipient of tubal ligation?

The typical tubal ligation patient is over age 30, is married, and has had two or three children.

Is there an age requirement for a tubal ligation in Michigan?


How old do you have to be and how many kids do you have to have to have a tubal ligation?

A tubal ligation can be performed at most any age, but without parental consent, it could not be done until one attains the age of 18. How many kids one had before the tubal ligation has no consequence, nor matters.

Is there an age requirement for tubal ligation in the state of Washington?

It is 21.

What age can a woman have tubal ligation in Denver Colorado?


What is the minimum age for tubal ligation?

In most states, you have to be age 21 to undergo this procedure.

What are the age requirements for tubal ligation in Missouri?

Same as for any surgery.

How successful is tubal ligation reversal if you've had a tubal ligation 12 years ago?

Tubal ligation reversal surgery is much more successful than many realize. I recent study published by Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center fives the actual statistics. The two main factors are the type of ligation that was performed as well as your age at the time of reversal. Another factor to keep in mind is the experience the surgeon has (pretty self explanatory).

How common is tubal ligation?

Tubal ligation is one of the leading methods of contraception, having been chosen by over 10 million women in the United States--about 15% of women of reproductive age.

By what measure is tubal ligation a common procedure?

Tubal ligation is one of the leading methods of contraception, having been chosen by over 10 million women in the United States--about 15% of women of reproductive age.

Are there any laws for tubal ligation in NJ?

There are no laws or restrictions for a tubal ligation anywhere in the US. The patient must be old enough to consent to her own surgery. This varies by state, but usually age 18 or married.

Is it risky to get pregnancy after 12 years tubal ligation?

If you want to reverse your ligation you need to find a very good doctor to do this. The only risk I can see is your age and physical condition. IF you are able to get pregnant there would no risk for a baby. I do know from knowing women who have tried this that the reversal of the ligation didn't work for them. From my understanding once done you are done in making babies.

What age can a woman have tubal ligation in Canada?

There are no age guidelines or restrictions for tubal ligations in Canada. However it may be very difficult to find a physician who will agree to perform this procedure if you are under 25 years of age.

Is there an age limit on tubal ligation in VA for a single woman?

Legally, no. There may be medical reasons not to perform the surgery after a certain age. You would need to speak with your doctor to find out more.

What is the success rate of tubal reversal?

Tubal reversal success depends on two main factors: type or tubal ligation and the age of the woman at the time of tubal reversal surgery. The tubal reversal success rate can be as high as 80% for women who are under the age of 30 and also for women who have had tubal clip or tubal ring type tubal ligations. The tubal reversal success can also be as high as 30-50% for women over the age of 40 or those who have had unknown types of tubal ligations. Even among women over the age of 40 or women with unknown types of tubal ligations approximately 1 out of 3 women will become pregnant.

You had your tubes tied 10 years ago but now a want a baby is a reversal risky?

A tubal reversal is not necessarily risky but it is not always effective. You should consult your doctor who has your medical records for the best advice that suits your specific circumstances (such as reason for tubal, how long since you had your tubal, your age, physical health, etc)

Any chance of becoming pregnant at age 33 13 years after having a tubal ligation implant?

Up until about 40, most women able.

Does minnesota state insurance cover tubal ligation?

It is covered under MA, only after the age of 21. However, you have to find a doctor/hospital that takes MA, and so far, I have found none that take MA who do tubal ligations.

How much does a tubal cost in Canada?

In Canada the tubal ligation is covered by Health Care. I live in Alberta and I had mine done January 2005 and it was completely covered. The age is left to the discretion of the doctor providing the tubal. My doctor said as soon as you turn 18 you can have it done, but another doctor said after 25 years of age. Good Luck

Is it common to miss a period or two after having a tubal ligation eight years ago?

It is common, whether or not you had a tubal ligation, to miss a couple of periods now and then if you are stressed or depending on your age. Women have begun premature menopause as early as 28. If you are uncertain, get checked. If you don't think you have the money, a nurse practitioner at your local health department may examine you for free.

What is the eariest age a doctor will do a tubal ligation?

I live in Australia and was 24 when I had my Tubal Ligation and i was happy at the time but after a few years, i regretted it. I had only 2 children at the time. I recently got my tubes reversed and am hoping for another baby soon. Reversal is expensive so your best off using other forms of contraception so you have the choice to change your mind later on.

Can you have a tubal ligation before having kids?

yes but have to find a doc to do it and meet age requirement I think of 24yrs or older!! I know to have preformed in tx have to be 21 at least with 2 kids.

Is there any kind of payment plans to receive reverse tubal ligation without insurance?

hi I am 41 years of age I have had one ivf failed at 40 years of age should Itry reverse of my tubes as wellas ivf

A pelvic ultra sound sHow is that one of your tubal ligation clamps has come undone your doctor says not to worry about it since you are past child bearing age Is there any danger in just ignoring it?


Why are there no age or eligibilty restrictions for abortions but there are for tubal ligation despite being her body and her choice?

Tubal ligation is like birth control. You have plenty of time to decide whether to do it or not but once you are pregnant there's a time limit. And age limit on abortion? So only adults could have an abortion? Now that is backwards. It's not in a child's best interest to be forced to be a parent. Abortion does not stop you from being a parent after but tubal ligation def can. And I have to say I agree with age limit on tubal because we get many questions here about reversals and they stuck to the limit but then met a new man and changed their minds. Abortion is the only way unless you want to be parent or is ready to give your child away while there are many options for birth control. As long as there are proper bc tubal is in a way a luxury version. The options are many while for abortion there's only one. There's many ways to protect yourself even if they can fail but terminating a pregnancy has only one.