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Nope. Pay your bills.

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Is a university required by law to send a transcript to my employer even though i owe the university money?

no they are not they are just being jerks

Is your employer required to give a raise?

No not really, not unless you actually earned it. A good employer will though.

What is required to get into uga?

Recommedations(about two or three) Sat and/or ACT scores( you can submit both though) Essays Transcript

Would my employer be required to purchase travel insurance, or 'go insurance' in order for me to be covered when I travel for work?

Even though it often depends on the employer, it is usually expected that the employer provide the travel insurance for his or her employees since it relates to the work activity.

Do accountants have to keep a tax return transcript for more than ten years on file?

The IRS has a strict set of rules for everyone who prepares taxes. So due to these rules it is required that accountants keep a tax return transcript on file for at least 7 years. Some though will keep them on file for a lot longer.

What if your employer does not carry disability insurance on you?

If you live in Nevada an employer does not have to. In fact the Nevada will defend the employer, if an employee is injured on the job and the employer does not have W/C Insurance. I've been though this.

Is your employer still required to contribute to your 401k if you quit?

Required? Absolutely not. There may be trailing contributions after termination, but anything after those contributions are not required. There may be some special match (like a True Up, Profit Sharing, etc) but that is mostly for those who are still active with the company. All plans are different though, but it is not required.

If an employer has a dress code requiring uniform should the employer or employee be required to pay the clothing?

Legally, though local laws may vary, the employer can require the employee to report to work in a uniform without providing any assistance to the employee to acquire that uniform. Ethics of this situation are debatable. Ultimately, either you want to work there or you don't.

What is the required ACT score to get into Cambridge?

The required ACT score to achieve going to cambridge university is usually around 30-32. most people are accepted with a 25- to 30 average though...

Ordering A Transcript After Getting An Online Accounting Degree?

When you go to a traditional college, it is not hard to get a transcript. You just have to go to the main Student Services building and talk to one of the people who work in that division. You will have to provide some proof of who you are and, in some cases, you might have to write a check for the cost of the transcript. After you do this, you just need to wait until it comes in the mail. This is very simple. However, it can be a bit more confusing to get your transcript if you have just gotten an online accounting degree. The problem is that you will not have a student services building that you can go to in order to ask for the transcript. Everything that you will have done at the school will have been based around your work on the Internet. You will have communicated with professors and other students in this fashion, and you will never have set foot on an actual campus. When a prospective employer or a grad school wants to see your transcript, you may not be sure where to turn. The best way to get it is just to contact the service representatives at the school. Even though there is not a campus, there are still people who have been hired to help students figure out anything that they need to figure out. This includes how to sign up for classes, how to drop those classes, and how to get a transcript after graduation. The exact procedure is different for each school. Some use an online interface, while others will ask you to call. Either way, you can request the transcript through this person and it will be mailed to you as soon as it is ready. Many online schools will also have websites that you can log into if you want to see your grades. This will not be an official transcript, but it will show what classes you took. You can show this to the employer while you are waiting for the official copy.

Can an employer deduct money from your paycheck due to missing funds even though no one knows who did it?

An ex-employer is in prison in this state for doing that.

Does a main employer have to pay earned sick leave if an employee is injured and receiving Workers Compensation on another job?

The employer is not required by law to pay out sick pay while an employee is collecting workman's comp. It depends on the employer though. In some cases an employer may pay earned sick pay to an employee collecting workman's comp. pay as a good will gesture, especailly to an employee who has had a very serious injury and has been a long term employee who has had few or no injuries.

Where can you find a course transcript for obstetrician? (that is for England though)

Does an employer have to have workers compensation insurance?

Precise requirements of workers compensation insurance are governed by state law. As a general rule, an employer is required to cover only genuine, common law employees. Many states use a rule to determine employee status based upon whether the employer has the right to hire and fire and to direct the worker's activities, hours, and other factors. If so, the person is likely to be an employee. If not, the person is likely to be an independent contractor (and issued a 1099 for tax purposes). Workers compensation insurance is required for the benefit of actual employees, not as to independent contractors. Note, though, that there are rules imposed by state law as to how many employees and employer must have before being required to maintain workers compensation insurance.

Does an employer have the right to go though my cell phone?

Is this your personal cell phone, or is it owned by your employer? If the former, NO they have no right. If the latter, it is not YOUR phone, it is THEIR phone, and as such they have the right to inspect the phone.

Will you be in jeopardy from a hair follicle test from an employer even though you are on authorized medication from your dr?

Not if you have such signed information to give. You may have to give permission for the employer to call the doctor who prescribed it.

Will you be in jeopardy from a hair follicle test from an employer even though you are on authorized medication from your Doctor?

Not if you have such signed information to give. You may have to give permission for the employer to call the doctor who prescribed it.

What does it take to get a job in phlebotomy?

It depends on the employer: experience is a major factor. Certification is definitely helpful; though not always required, it would still be very wise to get certified. Here is a link to some phlebotomy jobs and their individual requirements:

Is Berkeley university an ivy league school?

No. University of California, Berkeley, is the highest ranked public research university, though.

Is it legal for my employer to make me pay into a health insurance plan even though I don't get health insurance through my employer?

No, it is not legal. Any money that an employer takes from your paycheck for a benefit must be used to purchase the benefit. ERISA, a federal law, prohibits an employer from using employees' money for any other purpose.

Can a employer find out your previous employment history even though it was not listed on your resume?

yes throughy your ssn If an employer can find it thru my ssn, how can I find it so I can properly fill out an application or my resume?

What are some of the bankruptcy laws when it comes to not notifying my current employer about my bankruptcy filing?

There is no law that requires you to notify your employer that you have filed bankruptcy. It is a public record, though, so it will show up on a background check.

What do you need to go to university?

To go to university in the UK, you generally need to have A levels. There are other ways to get in though.

Can you still file taxes even though your employer didnt pay them but still took them out of your paycheck?

If you have a job you are legally required to file taxes. Your employer's responsibility is to take the taxes out of your paycheck and "pay the man," as it were. If your W-2s reflect taxes paid to the Gov't, you are in the clear - if you file.

Colleges in South Africa?

We have many universities, but no "colleges" in the American sense. Most notably though are:The University of Cape TownThe University of the WitwatersrandThe University of PretoriaThe University of KwaZulu NatalThe University of JohannesburgThe University of South Africa