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voluntary, a typical person can move it at will.

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Q: Is a upper arm a involuntary muscle or a voluntary muscle?
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Is the upper arm a voluntary muscle?

is the upper arm voluntary or involuntary

Is the upper arm voluntary or involuntary?


What is difference between a voluntary muscle and an involuntary muscle?

The Voluntary muscle is a muscle that you can control. e.g. Leg or arm. The Involuntary muscle is a muscle that you can not control. e.g. heart.

What type of muscle makes up most of the muscle in your arm?

The muscles of the arm are primarily voluntary skeletal muscle. There is also involuntary muscle in the vasculature (arteries).

Is the skeletal muscle under involuntary control?

No, it is voluntary because you have to think about moving your arm before you move your arm.

What type of joint or muscle is the biceps?

The biceps is a voluntary muscle of the upper extremity. It is a flexor muscle, and bends the arm at the elbow.

What does it mean when right arm moves without thought?

It means that you naturally move your arm with out thinking that your going to move it. There are two types of muscles; voluntary muscles and involuntary muscles. Voluntary muscles are muscles that you think about to move sometimes and involuntary muscles are muscles that you don't think about moving. An example of an involuntary muscle would be your heart and an example of a voluntary muscle would be your arm even though you don't really have to think about it when you move it.

How is the muscle found in the heart different from the muscle in the arm?

The muscles in the heart are involuntary and the ones in your arm are voluntary. What that means is that you can tell your arm what you want it to do, but the heart makes its beat by processes that you cannot consciously control.

Is arm muscle example of involuntary muscle?


Is the skeletal muscle involuntary?

The skeletal muscle is voluntary. Voluntary muscles are the muscles that you have the ability to control. This includes moving your arm, chewing, or moving your legs. Involuntary muscles are muscles you have no control over. A good example of that would be smooth muscles that help with digestion.

Is the heart muscle and the arm muscles the same?

No. Cardiac muscles are involuntary while skeletal muscles are voluntary, meaning you have control of the arm muscles, but not the heart muscles.

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