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I took a hpt & is was very faintly pos. I went to my doc. that same day & there urine test was neg. I came home I took 13 more hpt's & all pos. Some were faint in the beginning but every 2 days the line got darker. I am now 9 weeks pregnant & have already seen the baby on ultrasound. The doctors urine test was wrong.

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Q: Is a urine dipstick from the doctor's office a reliable pregnancy test?
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When should a urine specimen be collected for pregnancy test?

When you are at the doctors office.

Is it possible to be 8 weeks late and have a negative pregnancy test from doctors office?

Yes it is. The best thing to do is to have a blood pregnancy test done at your doctors office. This is highly accurate and the urine pregnancy tests do leave room for inaccuracies.

What does a Receptionist do in a doctors office?

What does a receptionist do in a doctors office?

Where can an individual find information about pregnancy?

Information about pregnancy can be found at your doctors office, books and libraries, on-line websites, Hospitals and support groups for expectant mothers.

How effective are home pregnancy tests?

Home pregnancy tests isn't always 100% percent sure. It is best to get a blood and urine test at the doctors office.

Where can you find a reliable weight to height ratio chart for adults?

The doctors office justy ask the docter. You can look on the internet through searching it and going to a source that is from a hospital or one for doctors.

Where does one get accurate and reliable information about breast cancer?

You can get accurate and reliable information about breast cancer on health organization sites. Another place to receive accurate and reliable information on this topic would be from an actual doctors office that performs mammograms.

How do I know whether I am pregnant or not without any instruments?

Pregnancy tests are done at a doctors office or available at most drug stores

How to know when a girl is pregnant?

The only way to find out for sure if a girl is pregnant is take a pregnancy test or visit a doctors office.

You are 12 days late for your period you took a pregnancy test last week and it was negative when should you take the next test?

You should go get a pregnancy test taken at the doctors office.

How many weeks do you have to wait to take a pregnancy test?

You can take a pregnancy test from two weeks after you last had sex. Check your home pregnancy test to make sure it is sensitive enough to pick up pregnancy hormones that early on, or consider taking a pregnancy test at your doctors office.

Do you go to a family doctor to see if you're pregnant?

Any doctors office should be able to give you a simple blood test to check for pregnancy.

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