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It is needed in every salon sink to prevent the rinse head from being left running in a sink causing a backflow effect back into the potable water system and contaminating it somewhere else down the line.

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Q: Is a vacuum breaker needed in Salon shampoo sink in MA?
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What is the purpose of a vacuum breaker for a salon shampoo sink?

the purpose of a vacuum breaker is to keep the dirty water that might be in the sink from syphining back through the sprayer hose and going into the public water system.

How do you fix a badly leaking vacuum breaker in a salon sink?

Replace it.

How do you install a salon backwash unit with vacuum breaker?

Same as any sink. The vacuum breaker installs in the backwash unit. Just plumb in hot & cold, and plumb out a drain line.

Why does the vacuum braker leak a little water when the water spray is truned on in a salon sink?

A vacuum breaker should not leak at all. The purpose of the vacuum breaker is to control the atmospheric pressure inside a geyser. If it is leaking, it means the rubber seal inside has either broken or has perished and needs to be replaced.

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