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No, all they can do is provide the technology. They can't be responsible for everything that happens. Having air bags just increases your potential for surviving a collision. If it turns out that the basic technology is flawed and there is a consistent pattern of failure, you might have a case. Otherwise, a crash could cut the wire before the bag has a chance to deploy, in which case, the manufacturer isn't responsible for what happens next.

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Q: Is a vehicle manufacturer liable for injuries if the airbags do not deploy in a head on automobile accident at 35 mph?
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What is the purpose of having airbags in your car?

To reduce injuries resulting from an accident.

Are airbags required?

If the automobile came from the factory with air bags they are required. If you have an accident that deployed your air bags, by law they would have to be repaired

How long do airbags last?

Airbags require replacement or service as required by the manufacturer of the car. This info is available from the manufacturer

How long does it take to get airbags and a new car bumper after accident?

Usually if the airbags have been deployed in an accident, the car is "totaled". The expense is just too great to replace the airbags and their related sensors and all the wiring inside the steering column and dashboard. On the flip side, IF the car can be repaired satisfactorily, the amount of time needed to get the parts depends upon the manufacturer itself, and IF they actually make replacement parts or IF they are in stock.

Why are there airbags in the sides of cars?

Side impact airbags are there to reduce injuries to the head, neck and torso. Like front airbags they deploy instantly on impact. Side airbags deploy from the roof, door panels and seats. Furthermore, like front airbags the side airbags have reduced limb and torso injuries significantly and because of there safety record most new cars are now equipped with side airbags as standard equipment.

Why do airbags protect you in a crash?

They absorb energy to reduce injuries.

How many people die from being hit from airbags in a car accident?

37802873087407407408372148023-4239074-230745-230857-28057-248057239085-2358902-3490823-490823-49823-490823-80572385723898 and . 12 injuries

Do airbags improve chances of surviving a car accident?


When were side airbags first installed in a car by a major manufacturer and what car?


Why do airbags in cars reduce the chances of injury in accidents?

Airbags prevent excessive forward movement in a front-end crash, therefore, reducing injuries.

When do airbags deploy?

Air bags deploy when someone gets into an accident.

What safety features are in a modern car to prevent head injuries?

The main ones are seatbelts and airbags

Why does the airbag warning light on the Camry come on after an accident when the airbags were not deployed?

Its a warning showing the airbags are at risk of deploying. The light is on because the computer has detected a malfunction.

Hit head on airbags opened so now you want your car fixed but you do NOT want airbags but your horn does not work and the airbag light is on what do you do to fix this?

The best choice is to REPLACE the airbags!The SRS airbag is a safety device which can save your life in case of an accident!

How can head injuries be prevented?

Many severe head injuries could be prevented by wearing protective helmets during certain sports, or when riding a bike or motorcycle. Seat belts and airbags

What are some safety features of the new Acura TL automobile?

The Acura TL has many safety features. One of these is airbags which have advanced sensors and inflator systems. Another, for child safety is airbags and anchors for secure child seats.

Are commercial vehicles required to have air bags?

No airbags are not mandatory on all vehicles. In the united states airbags are mandatory on vehicles under 8500 gvw(gross vehicle weight rating), but might be standard/optional equipment from the manufacturer.

What major factor protects driver from a car accident?

Driving safe and taking necessary precautions, seat belts and airbags.

What does SRS stand for with vehicles?

SRS stands for Supplemental Restraint System. Airbags are considered supplemental restraints because seat belts are the primary means of restraint in a motor vehicle and airbags are an added layer of protection in the event of accident.

Do the airbags which are used in cars have a shelf-life. I mean that if the car does not meet with any accident over a period of 4-5 years do the airbags become useless or they r as efficient as new?

they stay the same, they never expire

Do helicopters have airbags for safety?

No, they do not have airbags

Advantages of Airbags?

Prevent a serious accident from turning into a fatality. And prevents you from hitting the steering wheel or dashboard. Just remember to keep your seat belt on!

Do you have to buy airbags for your car?

No, you do not have to buy airbags for your car. The airbags will come automatically when you buy your car.

What is the acronym for side airbags?

Side curtain airbags.

Define passenger restraint system?

A supplemental restraint system (SRS) is a vehicle system which activates the release of airbags during an accident. It works by deploying airbags and tightening seat belts within a fraction of a second when it detects heavy impact on the car through sensors on the bodywork.