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Is a virus living or non-living?

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A virus is non living as according to the modified Cell Theory, cells are defined as the basic building blocks of life, while viruses are not made up of cells. In fact, a virus is nothing more than a protein capsid encapsulating genetic material (either DNA or RNA), hence a virus would more correctly be termed as an infectious particle.

Viruses are non-living.
Virus are living object because:

They possess genetic material DNAs or RNAs. They can reproduce and mutate. They react to stimuli such as radiation, chemicals and heat. They possess antigenic properties. They are capable to multiply with same genetic constituent.

Virus are non-living because:

They can be crystalize like non living material. They are inert like chemical outside the host. Cell wall and cell membranes are absent. Protoplasm is also absent. They do not have any functional anatomy. They can not multiply without host nuclear machinsery.

However, in order to be qualified to be a living organism, it must be able to show all of the characteristics of life, therefore viruses are not living.
Viruses are not considered non living because alone they cannot replicate, they need a host (another living cell) to replicate. They do not have cells. Biologically speaking they are non-living things.

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A virus is nonliving it eats and decomposes the answer is yes

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since it is a virus, it is nonliving

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No. It is nonliving.

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viruses are non-living organisms

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A virus is nonliving. It is no more living than a virus that infects your computer.

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There is no such thing as a living virus. All viruses are technically nonliving.

What has properties of both living and nonliving things?

A virus.

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Biologists have debated weather to classify them as living or nonliving.

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Yes because its a virus and viruses are living

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Because they can only reproduce when they are within cells of a living organism.

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Viruses are non-living and cannot survive outside of a living host for long, unlike bacteria.

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There is some debate about the status of a virus, whether it is living, not living, or some intermediary condition.

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Because all living organisms are made up of cells, however virus is non cellular.

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They do not show any cellular organization.They are not living or nonliving

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A virus is considered non-living. It does not have all the characteristics of a living thing unlike bacteria. Viruses need living cells to reproduce while any living things can reproduce (asexually or not).

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"Viruses are so primitive that many scientists consider them to be both living and nonliving things. By itself, a virus is a lifeless particle that cannot reproduce. But inside a living cell, a virus becomes an active organism that can multiply hundreds of times."

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(: A virus is Nonliving cause it needs a different living organism to survive. Kay Bye. =]

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I am in Class-V still I can answer this question. Diseases are living like virus , fungi etc. But some diseases are nonliving.

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They aren't composed of cells. Cellular organization is an essential component of living organisms.

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