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Yeah, they have regular volleyball and team volleyball.

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Five examples of Olympic Summer Sports include: - Fencing - Volleyball - Badminton - Water Polo - Equestrian

Summer Olympic Sports- Beach Volleyball, Track and Field, and different swimming events. Winter Olympic Sports- Hockey, Figure Skating, and Bobsledding

The 1996 Atlanta Games was the first Olympics to have beach volleyball.

Five sports from the Summer Olympic Games are swimming, gymnastics (artistic and rhythmic), volleyball, fencing, and rowing. There were 26 sports in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, and there will be 28 in the 2016 Games.

When did volleyball become an olympic sport???????????? When did volleyball become an olympic sport????????????

There are many different sports that are features in the Olympic Games. Some of these include track and field, basketball, soccer, swimming, volleyball, gymnastics, as well as skiing.

Skateboarding and beach volleyball....the aliens created all the other sports. ROCK CHALK PLANO

tennis , fencing , rowing , judo , sailing , shoting , hockey , gymnastics and volleyball

Sports bodies apply to the IOC for inclusion and it's then voted on by the IOC council.

In all sports, but most medals in Olympic sports and disciplines in the world. Wrestler. Weightlifting. Taekwondo. Jdv. Volleyball. Athletics. Respectively.

The Summer Olympic Games include more 'summertime' sports such as volleyball, swimming, or equestrian, while the Winter Olympic Games include more 'wintertime' sports such as skiing, ice skating, and snowboarding.

The history of Olympic volleyball was started back in 1964, the summer Olympics in Tokyo where volleyball was played as part of an American sports demonstration event.

In 2012, the French Olympic Committee is fielding 330 athletes in 24 different sports; field hockey and volleyball are the only sports in which France has no Olympic representation.

rugby, golf, lacross, american football, horse racing are a few, but volleyball is played!

beacuse it is part of volleyball

Beach volleyball had its Olympic debut at the 1996 Atlanta Games.

Volleyball was first made an Olympic sport in 1964. For more information, check this site: Hope this helps! Dr. B.yes it started in 1987

I bought my volleyball stuff at Sports Authority, but anywhere that has sports equipment should have volleyball stuff in volleyball season.

1964 for indoor volleyball and 1996 for beach volleyball.

Indoor volleyball has been an Olympic event since 1964 and beach volleyball was debuted in 1992 and became a event in 1996.