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Weimaraners are generally happy, loving, intelligent, cheerful, and affectionate. Good with children. Without the proper exercise they will be very rambunctious and difficult to control. They learn quickly but will get bored if the training is the same thing over and over again. This breed needs firm, experienced training starting at puppyhood, with an owner who understands how to be a dog's pack leader, or they can become stubborn and willful. Without this proper leadership, they can become combative with other dogs. This hunting dog has a strong prey instinct and should not be trusted with small non-canine animals such as hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs.Socialized well with people, places, things and other animals. Brave, protective and loyal, makes a good guard and watchdog. Weimaraners absolutely crave leadership. They want to know what is expected of them and for how long. If this is not made consistently clear in their head they will not be stable minded, may be stressed, possibly developing separation anxiety, becoming destructive and restless. Owners should not be harsh, but calm with a natural air of authority to their demeanor. These things are instinctually essential to having a happy, behaved, balanced dog. Give your Weim plenty of extensive exercise, or he will become very restless and over excited. Because this breed is so full of energy, the first thing they need to learn is sit. This will help prevent jumping, as they are strong dogs and will knock over elderly or children by accident. This breed especially should not be hit to discipline, they become wary easily. Once they have a fear of someone/something, they look to avoid and training is difficult. They are so eager to please, and motivated by reward (food or praise) Once a trick is learned, the dog will leap to repeat for praise. Although they are often mistaken as dumb, because they have such focus, if the trick or owners request isn't their focus at the time, it will not occur! Spend a lot of time with short leash walk, next to you. If left to run ahead they will pull like a train and start to believe they are alpha, as pack leader goes first. This breed likes to bark, and needs to be corrected if it becomes excessive. Very hardy, with a good sense of smell, and a passionate worker, the Weimaraner can be used for all kinds of hunting.

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Q: Is a wiemeraner aggressive
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