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Is a wife entitled to any of her husband's inheritance if they divorce?

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No. Inheritances even in community property states are considered solely owned by a spouse. In some states (not all) the court will allow a "trade off" of some marital assets in lieu of the inheritance to make the partitioning of marital property equitable. An inheritance always belongs solely to the beneficiary regardless of the status of a marriage or relationship, (traditional, common law, partnership etc). This is a link to only one state law (Pennsylvania) concerning inheritances and marital property. To supply a link for all 50 states would be redundant because the same premise applies to them all. In most states if a gift or inheritance is deposited in a joint account, then it's considered a gift to the marriage and becomes a marital asset. If the gift or inheritance went into (and stayed in) an account held in one spouse's name, then it's a non-marital asset. Implicit in the following article is that if you wish to keep an inheritance away from your spouse, you must deposit it in an account that is not jointly owned: Generally speaking, once you commingle separate property with community or marital property, it's no longer non-marital property.

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Is a wife entitled to a part of her husbands large inheritance if both are still married?

No. The inheritance belongs to the husband.

Is the first wife entitled to any her ex husbands pension?

Depends on the specifics of the divorce settlement.

Is a wife entitled to any of her husband's inheritance if they divorce if he cheated on me?

That's up to the courts to decide.

Is the second ex wife entitled to her ex husbands pension?

This would depend on the terms of the divorce agreement.

Is the first wife entitled to any her ex husbands pension.?

If it hasn't been dictated as part of the divorce settlement, then no.

Is a wife have monetary rights to her husbands home in a divorce?

Yes a wife has monetary rights to her husbands home in a divorce.

Is a wife entitled to any of her husband's inheritance?

Generally, no. The inheritance is the property of the husband.

Is a divorced wife entitled to exhusbands benefits?

Only if awarded them in the divorce

Is your wife entitled to your health insurance after divorce if she is not working?

No she will no longer be covered

Is a ex wife entitled to her ex husbands benefits?

Yes. You should discuss this issue with an attorney.

Is a ex wife entitled to alimony?

That would depend entirely on the terms of the divorce settlement.

What am I entitled to after 15 years of marriage if my wife want a divorce and i dont?

That's between the two of you. your entitled to at least half of everything.

Wife abandon husband?

Many wives have abandoned husbands over the years. An attorney can file divorce papers and the husband will be granted a divorce.

Is a wife entitled to her husbands inheritance during marriage?

No. A spouse has no right to any interest in their husband's or wife's inheritance. In most States in the event of the death of either husband or wife their estate automatically passes to the surviving spouse. There are other states that allow other immediate family other than the surviving spouse to lay claim on assets if the deceased did not have a legal will. If the husband or wife has a legal will that designates the inheritance or other property or possessions to other family members/people, the surviving spouse may contest the will but that is usually not very successful in most cases. Regarding marital assets and divorce: most states consider an inheritance separate property and not part of the marital assets as long as the recipient keeps it separate.

If a husband buys property with money he received from an inheritance is the wife entitled to half the property if they divorce?

The court has the power to distribute property acquired during the marriage. You need to consult with an attorney in your area who specializes in divorce law who can review your situation and explain your options under your state laws.

When a wife receives an inheritance is the husband entitled to half?

No. In the Western world women are allowed to own and possess their own property free of their husband's interference while she is living or they are married. Upon her death or their divorce, there may be a division of assets.

Can a wife file for an uncontested divorce without husbands signature in virgina when they have been separated for 2 years?


Does ex wife get part of ex husbands retirement check?

That depends on the terms determined in the divorce settlement.

In the State of KY if a married couple divorce is the wife entitled to 50 of the marital assets gained and acquired during the marriage?

In the state of KY if married and getting a divorce the wife is entitled to 50 percent of everything. This does include things that were bought or given too before marriage.

What can a husband do legally if his wife is engaged to another man while married to him?

He can divorce his wife.He can divorce his wife.He can divorce his wife.He can divorce his wife.

Who is entitled to the husbands pension the former wife or new wife?

Both may receive benefits. A former spouse may be entitled if that issue was addressed in the divorce. Generally, retirement benefits accumulated during a marriage can be divided and must be addressed at the time of the divorce. A private pension plan administrator can be served with an order that directs the division. A former spouse who has not worked or who has low earnings can also be entitled to as much as one-half of the retired worker's full Social Security benefit. You read more about Social Security at the related question link.

Your boyfriend wants a divorce from his wife they have been separated over 7 years she committed adultery she still refuses divorce is she entitled to his work pension?

He can get a divorce with or without her cooperation if he wants one. Check your state's laws, Most states now have "no fault" divorce policies which means it doesn't matter what his wife did or didn't do, he can still divorce her. She may be entitled to a portion of his pension depending on the length of the marriage and state laws.

Is an ex-wife entitled to a husbands insurance settlement after 10 years of marriage the accident happened 8 years after their divorce but she still wants 50 percent of his settlement?

Many people who divorce do have a clause in the decree regarding insurance beneficiaries. If the decree is written this way and/or the policy includes her as a beneficiary, then she certainly has rights.

Is an ex-wife who is remarried entitled to any of her ex-husband's estate?

She is not entitled to anything. After the divorce is issued they are strangers to each other as to their respective estates.

Can a divorced wife receive prior deceased husbands social security?

Yes, but the marriage had to be 10+ years before the divorce.